Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sanctus Real - The Story Behind Lead Me

I have heard this song on the radio so many times and just thought the words were so haunting.  I really didn't know who Sanctus Real was but the song touched my heart.

Then I got a letter yesterday from a 28 year -old young woman (I do not know her personally) asking me to pray for her and her husband.  The husband had left her and their young child and about-to-be-born child.  She needed her husband to be the spiritual leader of their household and she was crushed.

I know this story is played out all over the country, just different names and different circumstances.

So I will pray for this precious young woman and her husband.  I ask you to listen to this song and please share it with someone who is struggling in their marriage.  It may be you.


Kelly said...

Their son was born with a serious heart condition in September.

Just a little extra to the story.

Kayla said...

this song always touches my heart! kind of cool to see where it came from and hear they got it all figured out and put Him first!

hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Praying for that family.

Jacquie said...

Kelly's comment just broke my heart! Just as the girl you mentioned in your post. If men only realized that women truly want a man to lead spiritually... this would be a different world.

Daisy said...

i love this song!! and i love it more now that i know why he wrote it. so many couples go through a rut like that and its amazing to see that you can get out of it and be strong together =)

Nina said...

Beautiful. All I can say. You seem to touch my heart everyday when you post things. Thank you!

Richella said...

Hi Judy--

Bless you for praying for this family!

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Krista said...

That breaks my heart. I am praying for this family!!