Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Communication Catch Up

My whole family has had iPhones for years now.  I was the only holdout.  I liked my little flip-phone that did practically nothing but was fine for calling people.  I never did use the camera even though it was available.  I'm like that....technologically- challenged, I prefer to call it.

A phone should be used to call other people.  A camera is for making pictures of those people. Phones are not for playing games on.  That always sounds like a waste of good time to me.

But I entertained the idea of getting a new iPhone for several years.....everyone seems to be "in love" with theirs and can't imagine life without one.  That was the reasoning I used when I decided to marry Hubs!
Could the same be said for a phone???   What a world we live in!

Ok, now I'm beginning to sound like an "old" person so I'll just give it to you straight:

I am now the proud owner of ...........

In fact, Hubs made the decision for me and came home for lunch holding a package behind him. Being the observant person that I am, I noticed it immediately and ask what he bought himself.

He said it was for me!!

To make a short story shorter, I have been having a lot of fun with my new iPhone 4!
In fact, I called my son last night and we did "FACE TIME".  I confess I didn't know
yet that my phone could do that! I not only saw him, his wife, our grand-dog but their Christmas tree and practically their whole house.  I, in turn, showed him my tree and our dog Skippy!

So now I have all my playlist from my ipod on my phone....I love that too!

So I have a new toy and something to try and keep my mind working just to figure out what all the new phone can do.  

But I still rather take pictures with my good camera!
I 'm stubborn like that!


Jacquie said...

I'm still learning new stuff those silly phones can do and I've had mine since July.

You'll be sucked in just like the rest of us soon enough.

Sharmin said...

You're not alone. We don't have AT&T, so iPhone was not an option, but I did get a Droid X. Logan has already mastered "Angry Birds", if nothing else, my phone keeps him entertained!

Oh, and as far as pictures go, I much prefer my Nikon to the Droid! :)

Melissa Stover said...

i don't have an iphone, but i can imagine how much fun one would be. especially with facetime. my girls have asked for an ipod touch for christmas which is like an iphone without the phone service. i don't understand how, but they are supposed to be able to do facetime too. you'll love talking to harper on it like that.

Ashley E. said...

You will love it! I didn't want one for awhile either, but I can't imagine life without one now! Haha!

emily said...

i'm 25 and all of my friends have iphones or other fancy 'smart phones.' i'm still using my 4 year old flip phone that hardly even texts. iphones are just too expensive to buy and maintain on a monthly basis. i pay less for monthly service now than a basic data package is for the iphone.

i'm too old fashioned to splurge the money. and i like taking pictures with my camera too! :)

(but if someone where to give me an iphone, i would give it back. they are really nice and i do secretly want one really badly! ha!)

John & Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing that! I have wanted one of those phones for a long time and feel like I'm not smart enough to figure it out!ha! Wanted you to know that I'll be using your link on your sidebar to read the bible in a year and I thank you for sharing that also! Please pray for our family. We are fostering to adopt an awesome baby girl, and the rollercoaster ride is so joyfilled and scary all at the same time!

Paula said...

I just got my first one a couple of months ago. Love it!! I had the Blackberry Bold for a couple of years, and loved it but when it died I went with the iPhone 4 b/c of the larger screen (and I was already and ATT customer).

There were a few little things that I liked better about the BB, but those have been overshadowed by the things the iPhone does better.

The Garners said...

You're gonna love it!

Kayla said...

haha. it is impressive how much they do! ...kale would be SO proud!

enjoy that face time! LOVE that!!!

Nancy said...

I'm a blackberry owner wishing I had gotten an Iphone! That will be next though!! Congrats!

Lauren said...

YAY!!! Fun!!! :) Enjoy your new phone!

Gayle said...

I'm right there with you, Mrs. Judy! I *just* got a smart phone this week after having my trusty little flip for years.. LOL!

I was the only one of my friends not to have one, but like you, I didn't think I needed it. :)

However, I'm altogether in love now... :D