Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Favorite Lunch

I am having my favorite lunch today.  Hubs comes home for lunch everyday and we usually ALWAYS have sandwiches.  He never tires of them......but I do!

So today I whipped up my favorite lunch....guacamole!!

Here are the "cast of characters" ( as Pioneer Woman would say):

I use finely chopped onion, garlic powder, sea salt and fresh lime juice.  Depending on your taste, of course, but I add lots of cherry tomatoes, chopped.

Here's the secret I wanted to share with you that I learned not too long ago.  If you make your guacamole too early and store in the refrigerator, it will turn brown.
But here is a trick that works:  Take the huge seed and put in the bottom of your bowl before you put your guacamole in the refrigerator and it won't turn brown so soon.  This does not work for over-night but it will keep it fresh-looking for hours longer than without it.

I just love to eat this with chips as a sandwich needed!!

I  made some sweet pictures last week of my group of Cubbies that I work with in Awanas and wanting to share them.  They made "Noah's Ark" and filled with Beanie Baby animals for crafts.(Thanks, Daisy, for your idea)

Love Cubbies!!

So what are you having for lunch today?  Do you have the same thing day after day like I usually do?


Lauren said...

That guac looks soooooooooooooo good!!!!! :)

Kathy said...

Do you know how badly I want that guacamole right this very minute!

Linda said...

I am having Organic Yogurt with Dried Cranberries at the moment...and it is good. I would love to be having your guacamole...but I am allergic to avocados. (:<) I love them...but they make me really sick.

Hey, if you have some time, you are invited to hop over to my blog and join in my daughter Lynnette's Thoughts of Spring Blog Party!

Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Susie from Bienvenue said...

This is just too funny Mrs. Judy. I was at Wal Mart just now and started cracing the stuff. I walked out with all of the makings and then read your post and I forgot something. The lemon juice...I hope it still comes out good because I'm so noty going back in there :)

Nancy said...

Yum! That looks DELISH!
I'm a hot ham & provelone cheese kind of girl...every now & then I cut up veggies & dip them in hummus & I love that.

Sarah said...

Another great trick that will work overnight for guac in addition to the seed as well as adding something acidic to it like lemon or lime, is to put a piece of saran wrap over the top of it and press it gently to the guacamole to keep the air from getting to it. There may be a small brown layer on the top that you can spoon off, but it is amazing how well this works and how much you will keep from losing! I love guac though so we never have leftovers but I use this when I am taking it somewhere too! Now I need to make some...yum! Happy Eating!

The Garners said...

Yum-that guacamole looks delicious. We never order it at restaurants because Lane doesn't like it...I guess I need to just start making my own at home!

(And interesting about the seed!)

Kelley said...

I love guacamole! It looks delicious! MK is in cubbies this year and loves it. Your crafts look precious!

Sisters said...

Thanks for the seed tip! We love guacamole and eat it a lot.

Tara G. said...

My husband loves avocado; we have had a hard time finding good ones here (well, any fruit seems mealy in the winter here!) which is a hard pill to swallow after living in CA for 15 m!! My husband and I were Awana kids and our children loved it, too! {our little cubbie accepted the Lord last night!}

The Major's Wife said...

I made the blueberry muffins, soooo good. Thank you for sharing the recipe. When do you put the topping on?

pamk said...

I make my guacamole very similar to yours, but hadn't thought about putting in garlic salt. I sometimes have garlic on hand, but it usually dries up before I get it used up, so don't like to buy it. Thanks for that hint!