Saturday, March 12, 2011

O Happy Day!!

I remember 35 years ago today like it was yesterday!  If I remember correctly, I pretty much slept the whole afternoon!   Was I being lazy?  Well, maybe.....but I had just given birth to an 8lb. 10 oz. baby boy!!

It's funny when you get older...hmmmm......much remember the funniest things.

This is our little family of three the day I went in the hospital to have that wonderful baby boy.

Actually, this was the day I checked in the hospital.  Back in those days before your insurance company dictated what care you received, if you were having a C-Section, you checked into the hospital the night before and they prepared you for birth the next morning.

So here we are, big belly and all, (we didn't do belly poses in those days either) all ready to leave for the hospital to have baby Christopher.  But we didn't know then we were having a boy!
Kelly was 27 months old.

My parents had come, I had even gone to the beauty shop, had my hair "done" and we were ready to go to the hospital where our family would be forever changed by the birth of our son.

At a little after nine o'clock on a Friday morning in Dallas, Texas, our favorite son was born!

Chris was a delightful baby....always easy going and had a great sense of humor that we noticed very early.  This is one of my favorite pictures of Chris and his Pap--pa, my Daddy.
How he loved Chris!!

I could have added a million pictures I have made of Chris over his growing up years and probably embarrassed him muchly but I won't !

Chris has always been very talented in many ways.  He taught himself to play the piano and many other instruments.  He has a HUGE artistic and creative gene he picked up somewhere!

But most of all Chris has a huge heart!  He is loving, kind and we love him and his sweet wife, Carrie, with all our hearts!

Chris, we hope your 35th birthday(how can this be possible??) is your best yet!!
Your family is proud of you!
Happy Birthday!

March 12 must have been a great day for giving birth!  We have so many we know who are celebrating birthdays today!

Happy Birthday to Kathy!!  (Hubs' sister)  I won't say how many but you are still young in my eyes!
I remember the first time I met Kathy.  She was a Senior in high school and such a cutie!
She has been the best sister-in-law anyone could ask for !
She is a devoted wife and mother and a "rock" for the whole family!
She takes care of her family, my mother-in-law and works at a job she has held for 30-plus years!
Amazing woman!  Have a great birthday Kathy!

There is also someone else special having a birthday I would like to give a shout out to!

This beautiful "girl" on the far right is having a birthday today also!
We have known her since she was three years old.

I have to say what a Godly woman she is today and how much she and her sweet family (wonderful hubby and two of the most beautiful children you have ever seen) mean to us!
When you see children who have grown up in your church turn out to be such precious adults, that is all the thanks we ever need!
God is so good!

Happy Birthday Micaela!  ( I know you getting near your 30's and that just doesn't seem right either!!)


Love Being A Nonny said...

Amazing how much Kelly and Harper look alike! I think I had the same maternity top that you were wearing in that picture! LOL!

You have such great looking kids! What a good looking son! Happy Birthday to him. The students in his class are surely blessed!

He and I share the same birthday! March is a great month!

Love, From one Nonny to another!

Linda said...

Happy Birthday to your wonderful son! I hope Chris will have a great day.

Wow...Kelly looks like Harper in that picture! I am getting so anxious for Hollis to arrive. I am so happy for all of you.

Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Kelley said...

Happy Birthday to Chris, your sister-in-love, and friend! My daughter turned 5 on March 7th. We love March birthdays too! I loved your pictures!

Kathy said...

Oh Judy thank you so much for the sweet words you said about me. We are all lucky and grateful to have you in our family. It was a beautiful post and I loved everything you said about Chris and Micela. I can't believe I'm this old but that's okay. Like your card said Aye Chihuahua!

In His Army said...

Thank you so much for the kind words. I always felt special having a birthday the same day as Chris. All of the things you said about him are so true--he's an amazing and talented person! Love all of you,

Kelly said...

I love all those people having birthdays today! I almost wish Hollis would be born today to share her birthday with such important people in my life!
And Harper DOES look like me! :-)

The Garners said...

Happy Birthday to these special people!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Our son is 35 too....Only when I say his age do I realize my age.....How could it be

Gayle @ TrainingOlives said...

Gracious! Harper really does favor Kelly in that picture!

Your family reminds me so much of my own. I was the oldest and it was just my brother and me. He will be 34 on Tuesday! How time flies..

I also wanted to say that I'm praying for you as you await the arrival of your sweet baby grand-girl.

Rebekah said...

Mrs. Judy, this is a precious post. I love how you document your memories! The family picture is priceless!

chapinamom said...

Congrats on your new granddaughter!! So precious!!