Monday, April 4, 2011

Home Again Home Again, Jiggity-Jog

 They say all good things must end and today a very good thing least for awhile!

We had to take this sweet baby back home to her Mama and Daddy and Baby Sister!

I wish I had my camera out and ready because she jumped in her Daddy's arms and gave him the biggest hug!  She adores him and I think the feeling is mutual!!

I did want to show a few pictures I made of her "picking up sticks" after  we got home from church Sunday!  It was a beautiful day but very windy!

Harper was happy to see Hollis and wanted to put her in her little chair and cover her up!

I know these pictures of our two girls together will be so fun to look at for years to come!

Hollis looked so sweet and she is doing very well!  

We  couldn't wait to hold her!

Actually, I think this is one of the first pictures of us with both girls!

Oh , yes, we saw Kelly too!

She was delighted to have her oldest baby back and now begin the reality of having TWO children!!
It's going to be a wonderful life!!


Linda said...

Sweet post Judy!

Love seeing pictures of all our girls! (That was a cute one of Kelly)

Things will seem quiet at your house now that Harper is back home huh?

It was fun while it lasted I'll bet. Harper is such a beautiful little girl, full of fun!!!

Looks like she missed Hollis too.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Anonymous said...

Loved the post! 2 VERY lucky little girls

Donna said...

Such cute pictures today. Love the one of Harper covering Hollis with the blankie. And the one of the girls on your laps...Harper looks like she is using an app on her iPhone. ha! I know your house is too quiet now. When you can't stand the quiet anymore, go get Harper for another adventure. I know she had a great time.
Keeping you in my heart in Ga.
Hope we don't get blown away tonight, more storms and tornado warnings. Enough already!

Claire said...

What cute photos! I'm so glad you had a nice visit.


Melissa said...

LOL...yeah, yeah, funny how "mom" is the last thing we remember when there are babies involved!

little ones are so fun!

Lauren said...

Awww, I know you miss that sweet girl and your house has got to be awfully quiet!!! Ha!

Nancy said...

Love it!
Life is good!
God is sooo good!

Melissa said...

Love all the pictures Judy! You are such a sweet Grandma! Hollis and Harper are so lucky to have you! Great to see you while you were here too!