Monday, April 11, 2011

Dogwoods, Hoarders and Sweet Caroline

The dogwoods are in bloom once again and all's right with the world!  It seems the dogwoods are  even more plentiful this year than ever before and it is just a joy to behold if you live in the "woods" where they are everywhere!  Pictures do not do them justice but it makes for a lovely landscape for an evening walk!

I have been slowly working to clean out our garage.  If you have ever watched even one episode of the TV show, The Hoarders, then you understand why my garage needs a complete make-over!

However, I am very sentimental......tooooo sentimental...especially for things have belonged to my children as they grew up.

For example, I found my son's figures he made out of clay when he was about 12 or so.  I kept alot of them because I think he has a real talent!  These are just two of the many I am "collecting" in my garage!

Do you recognize "Elvis" even though he has a cracked head?

And bless Kelly's heart, she has a number of things that I found that I am wondering if I should hold on to for just a few more years?  I bet Harper and Hollis will find them funny one day!

From her library of many books!

A picture she made out of Elvis stamps! ($.29....wonder what year that was?)

Her little baby plaque someone gave me as a gift when she was born.

There are dozens of old sorority pictures from college!  See Laurie in the blue jean top and Kelly behind her?  They haven't changed a bit!!

Here's something that hasn't changed either....Kelly's college money was spent at Sonic!
Always wondered why she would write a check for $5.65?  Did she never carry cash?
These were the days before the debit card obviously!

I also wanted to share something about our sweet friend,Caroline from Texas!

We first met Caroline and her sweet Mom, Robin, when Harper was born.  They drove up to Tulsa to the hospital from Texas to visit with us while Harper was in the NICU and do a prayer walk around the NICU asking God to let Harper live.

They did not even know us except through Kelly's blog!
This is when we all first met!  I'll never forget that day and I'll forever have these two in my heart for the love they showed us!

Months later they came up to visit us at our home and we had a great time!
So we have come to love their family very much!

Caroline had this trip planned to go to Israel this past year.  We just felt the Lord leading us to help her out with the expenses for her trip and it was a great joy to see her get to go!

You need to go over to her blog and read about her trip and see all the beautiful pictures that she made. It make you feel like you are there with her!

Today, I got a surprise in the mail!  I love packages in the mail, don't you?

Caroline sent me some things from Israel!

Caroline and I share a love for any blue/white dishes so she got me this beautiful goblet in 

Salt Soap from the Dead Sea.

A wooden nativity ornament from Bethlehem.

This beautiful plaque depicted the cities of the Holy Land.

No, THANK YOU, Caroline, for blessing US!!

We love you!


Jacquie said...

Oh, Judy, that part about Caroline made me cry!!

And you know how I love that old stuff. I think it's kind of sad that now that stuff seems old to me and I'm so much older than your kids!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

what a sweet post about Caroline...and lovely pictures....I am going to email you later this week....need your input on something....Have a great week

pamk said...

Would you believe that I still have a sheet of those Elvis stamps?!?!?!?! ☺

Corbin said...

I started following you through Kelly's blog and now I love reading your posts as much as Kelly's. Have to admit I laughed when I saw the check to Sonic....that's so funny! And what sweet gifts from your friend. Where would be all be without our true friends.

Nancy said...

That is precious about her trip! This post brought me to tears!

Love all of the goodies you found in the garage! Our garage door is BROKEN & we are waiting on our new one, but it will be two more weeks! It's amazing how grateful I have become of our garage without being able to use it!

Lauren said...

Those pieces Caroline brought back for you are wonderful. SO sweet!!! :)

Kelly said...

You know you are a hoarder when.....
you still have my cancelled check from almost 20 years ago! ha! ha ha! They didn't have ATM's back then or debit cards - of course i never had cash! :-) Still don't!

sandy said...

I also started following you through Kelly's blog. It's amazing the parallels you can draw in life with complete strangers. I am in the process of trying to declutter also. My adult children do not seem to find the items I have saved from their childhood as important as I do. But I can't help thinking that someday they will, so I hang on to them. I just can't bear to throw them away!

Melissa said... are a hoarder!

Kelly's and Chris' secrets exposed...LOL

I'm guessing there is some stuff you could get rid of (evidence of Kelly's long standing Sonic addiction)...but maybe not everything (things to give her babies a laugh one day).

monaponder said...

I found your blog through Kelly"s. It shows in all she writes what a wonderful mother she had growing up and Dad too. Myoldest daughter and her husband are United Methodist Ministers. When children are raised where the Lord reigns superm. It shows in all they do and in all their decisions. I praise God that I found your blogs I have been homebound for over a year now. And I look so forward to reading about all your family is doing. keep me in your prayers. I have never been a person to sit still. I keep asking God what he wants me to do. And in his own time he will let me know. I just know he isn't through with me yet or I would have died a year ago. But you and Kelly lift my spirits. I love both of you both as my sisters in Christ.