Monday, September 12, 2011

Out of the Slump

I have been in a bloggy slump lately.  I have thought about it and even thought about things to share but then just sit down in front of the computer and my "want to" would go to "not today".  Ever been there?

I have really been enjoying the cooler weather.  It has been as low as in the 40-50's when I get up in the morning and the afternoons are warmer, but beautiful!

I am one of those weird people who really love the warm weather.  When everyone is hot, I am just feeling pretty good.  I get so cold in my house (and we keep the temp. around 77-78) that somedays I go out and sit in my car in the sun just to get warm!   Yes, my thyroid is fine.  It has been checked.  Although our lab is on thyroid pills twice a day!!!

So even though I am loving the cool mornings, I wish really cold weather would just stay away for several more till March of next year!!

These guys (and girls) have enjoyed spending the summer in our yard.  They are so use to us that they do not even move when we come out of the house and get in our car and drive off.  They just stand and stare.  Even the dogs just walk right by them and never make a move toward them.  They lay down and sleep under the trees in the afternoons and look so peaceful!  As soon as deer season starts they will probably leave.  We live in a restrictive hunting allowed....but I think the deer know they should make themselves scarce!

While Hubs was gone for two weeks to India this past month, I made a little trip to see an old friend who use to live in our town for years.  She lives near her daughter now and helps to keep an eye on her precious little 3 year old grandson!   We went to lunch at a neat little eating place in her downtown and then we went to visit an art exhibit in an old Victorian house.  While there, a lady from the local paper  made our picture as we looked at the art work.

 So Ramona called me and said we made the local newspaper the next day!  I was thinking they must have had a slow news day in town!!  We had a wonderful visit!

Saturday I spent the day at the Beth Moore simulcast from Lubbock, Texas.  It was wonderful, as usual, and I always come away from her conferences knowing how much the Lord loves me and how much I love Him!  It is just becoming more evident with each passing day that the Lord loves us so much.
As Hubby always says, "The Lord is ALWAYS at work.....we just need to get in on what He is doing."

Of course, Sunday was a very special day.  Our worship team and our pastor planned a very moving service honoring our public servants who keep us safe everyday and 9/11 Remembrance.

  Hubs preached a great sermon on what the flag has meant to our country since it's conception.  But he reminded us there is a greater banner that we live under and that is the Lord Jesus Christ.  

The music was wonderful and ended with "Shout to the Lord" as the banners were leaving the sanctuary!

We are so blessed with a wonderful worship team!  They are the best!

I  wanted to show you something so sweet and adorable that a lady in our church gave us yesterday that she had made for our two babies, Harper and Hollis!

Are these darling?  I can't wait to see my sweeties in these!  I may be "forced" to make a trip over to take them to the girls and get their picture in them!  Thank you, June, for the precious caps!

I also have a"dealer' in our church.  I am quite "addicted" to okra and she keeps adding to my happiness by bringing me this:

This was supper tonight!  I used a crockpot recipe that I got on Kelly's Crockpotpoloza blog!  It was very simple if you want to try it!

4 chicken breasts
1 block of cream cheese
1/2 stick butter
one pkg. Italian dressing seasoning mix

Put all ingredients in a crockpot and cook for 4-5 hours on low.
Serve over rice.

Can't get much easier than that, can you?  It was a little rich but very tasty!

So there, I'm out of my bloggy slump!  See you next month!!  har har


Melissa's Thoughts said...

My favorite praise song is Shout to the Lord. What a wonderful song to end a service. I love the hates too. I know that Kelly will be very excited to put them on the girls.

Anonymous said...

what a great post...thanks for sharing!

Melanie Keffer said...

Mrs. Kelly's-Mom! :)

I giggled all the way through your blog. I know I would love attending your church. It sounds like the kind of home church I am used to.

I tried the same recipe off Kelly's Crockpotalooza and you're right, it is rich but very tasty over rice.

You have pictures of all that okra . . . My stomach did flips (Unfortunately, okra is one of my can't-swallow-it vegetables.) I like it in homemade vegetable soup. It adds a good flavor, but my oldest daughter loves, loves, loves the stuff and when she is home from school fries a ton of it. We have okra running out of our ears while she is home. She just recently went back to Virginia and had her 'okra spell' right before she left. Your pictures reminded me of that.

I must tell you that I have missed seeing your blog but realize how busy you must be so the rest of us have to be patient.

Thanks for taking time to blog. It is always enjoyable, no matter what you talk about.

Melanie Keffer
Olive Branch, MS

Melanie Keffer said...


I need to clarify why I giggled through your blog since I know there were some serious places. I guess I started out with a grin because you were talking about liking warm weather and being cold. I thought of how I am . . . I freeze!! In the summer, I turn the air off upstairs and let it get REALLY warm (everyone else calls it hot) so that I can get a little reprieve from the air conditioning downstairs. That got me started and then I just smiled the rest of the way through . . . .

Just explaining what I meant by that remark. :)

God bless!

Nancy said...

My husband would LOVE living on the land that you do with those deer!!
That dinner looks extra yummy & I'm so glad you are back to blogging! We've missed you!

Pam said...

Glad your back...have missed you. I too think okra is the best...sometimes I just microwave it with spray butter when I need a 'fix'.

Pam B

Debby said...

There is nothing better than okra. I love it and absolutely love it fried. I have found a new way to fix it that is really simple. Seems people that don't even like okra like it this way. Wash the okra (to get the fuzzy's off), dry, cut the ends off and slice length wise. Sprinkle with salt. Thats it -- eat it raw. So tasty and crunchy. Good sub for chips with a sandwich. Honestly I didn't believe it until I tried it. It really is good and a perfect snack. Great weight watchers snack -- no points.

jenn said...

So glad you are back! I've missed you!! I am currently in a blogging slump...haven't blogged in a long time!

and I've never ate Okra!! Wonder if they stores have it here in WV? I will have to check and see...

sounds like a wonderful church service!! PRAISE GOD!

Tara G. said...

I miss my crock pot! It's in storage in CA for another year. Do you like cranberries? We love this recipe- plain pork tenderloin, 1 can whole cranberry sauce, 8 oz. Russian salad dressing and a pkg of onions soup mix- all mixed together in a crock pot on low for 6-8 hours. The sauce is delicious over mashed potatoes.

Maryellen said...

I did the Beth Moore Simulast from NJ. HAH So neat that we are far in distance but close in the Lord.
It was wonderful as always.

Anonymous said...

I get in bloggy slumps often. I try to make myself post anyway (something, anything). I know if I don't it will be forever before I get back in the routine of doing it again. Sometimes though it is good to take a break & if a break is what you need, by all means take it.

Those deer are gorgeous. We see lots of deer around here until hunting season. We live in an area where deer hunting is huge. I personally think they are gorgeous creatures and could never harm one but not everyone shares my opinion.

Love the girls hats. They are going to look too cute.

I made that recipe a few weeks ago and wow was it yummy!!!!! It is on my menu to make again this week. I actually served mine over bow tie pasta. My daughter loved it & she is a very picky eater.

Glad your back to blogging. I've missed reading your posts. Hope you have a great week :)

The Garners said...

Glad you're back--I've missed you!

So cute that you and Ramona made the paper that day. And the hats for the girls--ADORABLE!

We really enjoyed being there for the service on Sunday. What a blessing it was.

Have a great week.

Kelley said...

Hi Judy! I am glad you are back to blogging! How beautiful to see the deer in your yard! We see that at my in-laws too. I love okra too! I wish I had a dealer! Ha! I love the Razorback hats! Too precious!

Candis Berge said...

I know how you feel about blog slumps; but I hear about it from people right away, even though they rarely leave a comment and I didn't even know they were looking for a post! I love the picture of the deer; for us, they come in the winter when we feed them. And I just need to mention I bought a can of "tomatoes, Okra and Corn" that I just saw for the first time - it will be our first go at okra. Not too much okra up here in Minnesota! And Happy Birthday to your hubs. He caught up to me too...

Paula said...

Hi Judy! Just a the recipe, on the cream cheese, an 8 oz. block or 4 oz? Am wondering if I can even post a comment since I don't have a blog and I notice that every comment is from a blogger! Well, we'll see! Love yours and Kelly's blogs!

His Doorkeeper said...

Paula, it would be the 8 oz. block of cream cheese!

Jeanie said...

I just read this post, Judy, and have to tell you that I also sit in my sun-drenched car when I'm cold. And the months are coming where I'm always going to be cold.