Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rainy Day Fun

Saturday we went to Fayetteville to the Razorback game.  It rained heavily and thundered all morning and then cleared off before the 6:30 p.m. kick-off!

However, the wind blew so hard and was so cold (especially for a September game) that we left at half-time.  This also meant we got home around 11p.m. instead of 1:30 a.m.  It was a long game last night!

Hubs dropped me off to see my babies and I felt bad that he only got to wave at them as they looked out the window.  He has had a light case of shingles ( I know several people who have them right now...what is the deal with so many?) and he didn't want to expose our baby girls to the chicken pox.

So I went alone.  I just HAD to see those sweet girls!

Harper wanted to show me her new Princess potty and what a potty it is!  I just have to laugh because it plays a tune when you "tinkle" in it!  And all the adults go  "YEA"!!
She is so proud of herself because she cleans up after herself and empties the potty and then washes her hands....just like a BIG girl!!

We played  "name the color"  cards and just had so much fun together!

And , of course, I got in some loving on this sweet girl!

This is the sweet little Hog hat the lady in our church made for Hollis.
Harper wouldn't keep her on long enough for me to make her picture.  She was too "BUSY"drawing pictures! She loves to draw!

Then Daddy came out of his office and Harper acted like he was a ride at Six Flags and laughed and laughed as he swung her back and forth and over his shoulder!

Scott did that so many times I think we had to call "time out for Daddy"!!  You know how kids laugh and never want to stop!!  

Hollis is still pretty much a mama's girl but she is so sweet and lovable!

So it may have been a rainy day but a princess who has a special singing potty always has her sunglasses on in case the papparazzi (that would be Nonny) gets too close!

We had a great time together.

To change the subject, I did happen by Tar-jay yesterday and got the neatest pumpkin made by Smith and  Hawken made of basket weaving wood.  I loved the size(It is bigger than this picture shows) and the color.  I hope to put it in another basket and make a "natural" fall arrangement.

And my sweet daughter got me a surprise!  She got me my own personal date book and planner!
I think alot of the younger girls have been getting these and she thought I needed one too!

I have been keeping a planner/journal nearly all my life. I jot down many unimportant trivial things in my life (need hair cut, doctor appts., etc.) to very important days in our family (son gets married, grandbabies on the way, etc).  But I've never had one this fancy with MY NAME ON IT!!  WOO

So thank you, Kelly, very much.  Some day, when you go through all my journals, you will see what you and Chris were doing in 1983 and can laugh about how crazy your mother was to write down so many things!  Sort of like Caroline Kennedy did with her Mother recently.
On a lower scale perhaps....
But  I don't say rude things about people!


Laurie said...

I loved your post! Harper is the potty champion. I am so impressed! She showed me on Friday afternoon. She is growing up!

Missy Schranz said...

My mom would keep journals like you do. She loved personal planners and would love shopping at Staples for her next one!! Tell your hubs that I hope he gets over Shingles quickly! That is ONE thing you don't want to hang on!! As for the girls, unfortunately they probably will get chicken pox anyway in school, like I did in kindergarten!! But they say that once you get it, you are immune from getting it again. And to get it as a child is easier than when you are an adult. I'm a nurse, so I know some things...LOL!! God bless!!!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

I think those two lil ones are just the sweetest things :) Glad you were able to spend some sweet Nonny time with them.
On a another note~
Would you please keep Marc's family in your prayers? His cousin passed away this morning on her way to church. Totally unexpected and has left us in shock.Her Mom (Marc's aunt)was here visiting us. Marc's Mom and Aunt are headed to Arkansas now. I think we will foloow as soon as arrangements are made. Should we pack for cool weather? Heading to Springdale. ((hugs)) Susie

The Garners said...

Those pink and orange outfits are adorable! I almost bought Alexee a spring outfit in those colors last week--it was 50% off--then I talked myself out of it. After seeing these, I think I'll go tomorrow and see if they still have it in her size!

Love the picture of H in her sunglasses! :) That is so cute and funny.

Hope S starts feeling better soon.

Happy Fall!

Mallorie said...

What a fun day! :-) I love all of your pictures!!! They're just too cute!

Kelley said...

I know some people who have shingles also. It is painful they say. I hope he is better soon! Your grand babies are so cute!

Nancy said...

Kenlee has that same potty, too! It is great!
Love all of the pictures & I bet you loved seeing your girls!
That journal is the cutest thing ~ what a sweet gift!

Candis Berge said...

Oh, such precious pictures! This grandma thing is just such a gift from the Lord!! (I'm only about 3 weeks away from number 11, and my arms are itching to hold him!)

Such blessings.

Candi said...

I think Hollis and you look a lot alike!

momofall said...

Judy, I just LOVE reading your posts!! You always make me feel so good all-over just to read about your precious babies- including Kelly!!! So sorry that your hubs has Shingles- You're right- that DOES seem to be going around. Take care and I'll be looking for a pic of that fall pumpkin deco :):):)!!!

Jenna said...

I am so behind on blog reading, but loved this post full of your sweet girls. GOOD GRACIOUS they are precious....with a precious Nonny to match! And that was too sweet of Kelly - love the planner!!! And love YOU sweet Judy!