Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Follies

I guess my favorite blogs that I read are the ones that decorate and do make-overs on old furniture or show how to design a room.  I am amazed at the talent out there in bloggy land!

I would love to be so talented.  I love design, colors, decorating but don't have the time/money to devote to such things at this time of my life.

I do love to decorate my home and my church for the changing seasons.

I put out a few seasonal things a couple of days ago and thought I might share them.

If I have any "spare" time these days, I like to devote some of it to these girls:

If you read Kelly's post this morning, you know all about her trip to South America coming up soon.
Let me tell you we are so proud of Kelly but are so thankful for Compassion International.

We have a little boy we adopted in Nicaragua several years ago and it's one of the best things we've ever done!  I urge you to look into the Compassion program and read all their information.  It is a win-win situation: You help support a child who has next-to-nothing. But it not only helps the child but  the family provide a future for that child and the added bonus is you get to have a relationship through letters, pictures with"your" child!  We plan on supporting ours until he is grown if God allows.

Here's a picture of Kelly modeling her "special bug-proof" hat that she bought to float down the Amazon! By the way, we are having the honor of keeping Hollis while she is gone and Scott's parents are keeping Harper!  Won't we have a wonderful adventure too??


Kimberley said...

what a great opportunity for kelly! i hope you have a wonderful time with harper! i need to look into sponsoring a child. that would make my heart so happy.

The Branches said...

Love your fall decor and sweet pictures of the girls! I know both you all and Kelly will have a blast...can't wait to hear all about your adventures :)

Lauren said...

Love the decor and those grand babies are as cute as ever!!!! :)

Melanie Keffer said...

Do you know what it is that attracts me to your blog? One thing is the love I see for your grandchildren and children. Kelly has beautiful pictures of her girls but your pictures of the same children truly come through grandparents' eyes bringing back so many memories of my parents and my kids.

The other thing that draws me is your blog is so pleasant and stress free. Something about you comes through. I bet you are a wonderful company to sit around the kitchen table and have a cup of coffee with? Have you ever done that type thing? My grandmother always got up early and by 5:00 a.m. she had breakfast cooked, my grandfather's lunch made and sat around the table with him until he left for work. Then she cleaned the kitchen, got her house in order, which always included a daily bathroom cleaning, dressed for the day, did laundry, cooked her dinner and by noon she was through. She was ready for the company that came in the afternoon. Someone always dropped by her house for a cup of coffee. She was that kind of person.

That is what you remind me of. I know your life must be very hectic as a pastor's wife, but you still remind me of that. You are so pleasant and it comes through your blog.

God bless you and thanks for such an enjoyable blog.

Melanie Keffer
Olive Branch, MS

Faith said...

That picture of Harper and her Papa - so sweet!!!

Paula said...

I know you are ALL (grandparents, children, and mission goers) going to have a wonderful experience. I cant wait to read all the blogs and see all the pictures.

As for crafty/makeover blogs, I recently stumbled upon this one you might like.


Candis Berge said...

Dear fellow grandma! Thank you for your kind comment! Maybe we can talk Kelly into a SUYL blog about grandchildren! ha ha. She'd had an awful lot of us wanting to link up - all with fabulous grandchildren, I'm sure. I can't wait for my new little grandson to come home from the hospital (maybe today) so I can get my hands on him again! Have a great day, I love seeing your fall pictures -and those little sweethearts especially!