Friday, October 7, 2011

It's a Dog's World (at our house)

Today on Kelly's Korner SUYL she is asking to show our pets.

Well, our family has a long line of being DOG LOVERS!  NO apologies for that!

Thought I'd go back through memory lane and show you our first family pets (much to the chagrin of my kids, I'm sure)!

This is Buster, our first cocker spaniel.  We got him when Chris was in kindergarten and Kelly was in 2nd grade.  He lived until Chris was a Senior in high school and Kelly was in college.  He was our long-time beloved pet!  It nearly killed us to have him put down but he had cancer.  We have TONS of pictures of him over the years.

Our next dog was a West Highland terrier named Scooter.  He was a precious dog!  We loved him so much!  His downfall was liking to chase trucks.  I'll let you figure out what happen to him (tear, sniff, sniff)

After Scooter we got a little Jack Russell terrier named Eddie.

Hubs loved this dog.  He was very wild and wouldn't stay home.  His favorite thing was go chase cows in our neighbor's pasture.  It lead to his early death.  We won't talk about was not good.

But, then came the BOYS!  They were Westies and brothers.  It's a long story but we got Kramer first from a young couple in Little Rock and 6 months later they called and ask we knew anyone here who would like to have Kramer's brother.  We said of course we would(he's family after all) so we went and picked him up.
They called him "Stogie" but we thought he looked like a "Buddy" and that's what we called him!

We have a jillion pictures of the Boys and they lived a wonderful life for many years.
About two years ago, Kramer was the first to go after many illnesses and then last year, Buddy died of heart failure.

We still miss them!


This little cocker spaniel, Skipper, had come into our lives while the Boys were still alive.
A good friend found him out on their road just about dead.  She ask around and searched high and low for the owners and no one would take him.   So we did.

He had about 500 ticks on him and I hand-picked them off of him(yes, I am good for something) before we took him to the vet for a check-up and shots.  He was so thin but now he is a beautiful dog, over ten years old and we love him dearly!!

And we adopted Bobber the Lab over a year ago.  He is my constant companion and a dearly loved pet too!  He is 10 years old. He has thyroid problems and has to have medicine twice a day.

Harper loves Bobber and wants to see him everytime we "face time" on the phone!
She does ask to see Papa first, Skipper next and then Bobber!

I couldn't complete the story of our great love for dogs in our family without mentioning the GRANDdogs!

We have two so far!

Scott gave Dawson to Kelly before they were married!  And he's still going strong today!


the newest grand-dog is Chris and Carrie's 


We love Coco!  She is so sweet!

I guess you can see we love dogs and keep adding them to our family!

As much as I love the grand-dogs I would love to add a few more GRANDBABIES!!
(Just food for thought C & C! har)

What about your pets?  Are you dog people or cat people??


Kimberley said...

Dogs all the way!!! :)

Love all the pics from the past!
And you crack me up! You sound like my mom when she wanted a grandbaby or two :)

Nancy said...

Cats make me sneeze, so I'm a dog girl, just like you!
:) Currently, we have Barkley Hudspeth. A rescue dog that is golden in color. He's big & sweet. Wouldn't hurt a flea!
Have a great weekend!

Angie said...

Harper looks like her mother when Kelly was little!

Jeanie said...

Your post made me teary-eyed thinking of my past dogs, mostly springer spaniels. Just two weeks ago it was a year since I had my last one, Harley, put down due to a brain tumor. How I loved him! Well, all of them. I have three dogs now, a German shorthair pointer I got at our local animal shelter, a shih tzu (big girl - 21 lbs.) I bought myself when I retired five years ago, and a stray cocker and something or other that my son picked up off the street who didn't seem to belong to anyone. I love your love for dogs and can certainly relate. My daughter is a cat person, which is just as well since she lives in an apartment in San Francisco.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you will get those additional grandkids once Carrie finishes school. I love DOGS! I have a 13-1/2 year old Chocolate lab named Hadassah Naomi. She is my pride and joy! How was your JRT as a pet? Stubborn, easy to potty train, lovable?

Amanda Kuzak said...

Oh my goodness, I just love all of the pooches that have been apart of your family. My dog Harper looks a lot like Buster, she is a sweetie but can get into a lot of trouble if I don't keep my eyes on her.

Thank you so much for stopping by to say hi! I love Kelly's blog and read it everyday.

Kimberly said...

I love dogs. Not much of a cat person. All your dogs are//were so cute. So nice that you rescued a few.

Julie said...

Dog people here!

cottensoccer said...

I love seeing pictures of Bobber (especially the ones of him with Harper).I grew up with a lab for 13 years and she was the best dog and I am now fortunate enough to watch my neice grow up with a lab and she couldn't have a better protectar then that dog

The Garners said...

Your family has had some great pets through the years!

Kelley said...

I love your post! It is precious! We are dog people too. I love the pictures of your children with their pets throughout the years!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

this is the first time in our married life to not have a dog...after we lost our best friend of 17 years and one of the greatest heartbreaks when she died...nothing seems right...We tried a puppy and that did not work...but how I miss a dog in my lap at night...

Melanie Keffer said...

Dog people all the way! BUT, while living in the country with four young children, we adopted EVERYTHING! My dad bought my kids a gorgeous border collie that did not last with the cows (you understand) and then a gorgeous, well-bred collie. I am not a snob about pets. I love mutts as much as purebreds and they make pets just as wonderful as any high priced animal, but there really was something to this collie and I am sure it was because of the breeder. This was not a hometown-mom-and-pop-wants-to-make-money operation. This was a REAL breeder, if you get my drift. She had been in the business many years, was a judge at the big shows in New York, etc.

I mention that to tell you that she knew what she was doing breed wise. She also wouldn't sell her dogs to just anyone. She carefully screened their homes. My dad bought Puddin' after she had been trained by her breeder. She was still young but what a dog she was.

We adored her. She was so smart and she loved me!! Ha. (You know how dogs will take to one person or another.) She would sit by my side and I would talk to her like a person and I promise she understood every word! My husband could talk to her and she would do exactly what he said. She was also a gate opener. She could open doors and gates but never ran off. She just wanted to be where we were.

Nine years later, someone came into our yard while we were gone and out of meanness they shot her in the side. We did not know and found her dead the next morning. We also lost one of our horses that same time when someone walked up to him in the pasture and shot point blank between the eyes. I was so glad we moved away from that area . . .

We love dogs and have not had the heart to buy another one since we lost Puddin. Did I mention all the stray liters my kids adopted? The small hen, the stray cats and birds? I am sure I don't have to tell you. :)

Thanks for your post. I still love reading what you write.

Melanie Keffer
Olive Branch, MS

Donna said...

I'm an animal person, cats, dogs and horses. I have one rescued standard poodle now and 4 stray cats. The cats just show up to eat but won't come near the house when they see the dog. She is so big I'm sure she looks like T. Rex to them. ha

Candis Berge said...

I'm not sure I should admit that I'm not a big animal person. I like other people's dogs, though I did have a dog when I was growing up that was MY dog. How did I raise 3 sons and not get them a dog? We did have a cat though, and the family joke is that I would only purchase the small bag of kitty litter because I feared the cat would die and I would get stuck with extra kitty litter. (True story.) The cat lived a LONG and happy life!

jmh said...

I love your daughters blog and have read yours, as well, for several years. You guys seem like such a sweet, genuine family!!

Introductions aside; is it just me? Or does Hollis look EXACTLY like Chris?! It is unreal:)