Tuesday, November 8, 2011

House Guest

Monday I took a little trip over to pick up my house guest for this week.  Her parents, being so strict, won't let her drive yet!  I also got a little visit with her older sister for just a few hours!

Mom is on a Compassion International trip in Ecuador this week and Dad's parent's came to keep older sister while her Dad works.

So that left us with this sweetie:

How many have company who brings their own food?

So I guess if she behaves herself, we'll let her spend the week with us!  Think we can handle that??


Julie said...

You are such wonderful Grandparents! I am certain you are both over the moon to be able to keep little Hollis this week!

Kelly said...

OOOOOOOHHHHH I miss that little sweetie!!!
Thank you for keeping her so I can be here!

Kiss her a bunch for me!

The Anglin Family said...

She is the cutest!!!!;)

Anonymous said...

First time commenter on your blog! Enjoy your time with your granddaughter.



Kimberley said...

she is precious. and what a blessing kelly is! i hope she has a wonderful trip.

Cardigan Chic said...

What a precious time you're having. Love all the pictures. She is so blessed to have you all as grandparents.

Have a great week!!

GinnyBerry said...

I love it! What great pictures! I'm so happy that you get to have your special visitor this week!
A grandma from California!

Anonymous said...

You must be enjoying her so much. I swear she is just the cutest! I saw her food, the fruit with the lids. Does she like them? I saw them in the store the other day & came one ace of buying my son some but then didn't. They are intriguing to look at to say the least LOL!

Nancy said...

She is such a beauty!!

Linda said...

Oh Judy, I know you are loving every minute of your time with Hollis! She is such a precious baby!

How long will Kelly be in Ecuador?

I am sure the other grandparents will thoroughly enjoy their time with Harper too.

God Bless You!

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

The Garners said...

Have a fun week!

Beverly Wooley said...

I have a strong suspicion you would let her spend the week with you whether she behaves herself or not! ROFL Have a wonderful time with baby girl this week. I have a sneaky feeling she will miss her big sister - somehow doubt that Skipper will be quite as entertaining as Harper!

RJ said...

She looks just like you and your son!!! Have a great week! I know you are just over the moon having Hollis all to yourself for a whole week!!!! Yay!

Melanie Keffer said...

How adorable! Just from pictures, I can see her mother in her face.

Know it is breaking your heart to keep her. Ha.

I was noticing what they feed infants nowadays . . . Amazing, isn't it? To think that baby food used to be yucky stuff in little jars. :)

God bless you,

Melanie Keffer

P. S. Makes me wish I was a grandparent . . . I will definitely be ready for it when it gets here. :)

Kelley said...

She is darling! I love her smile!

Robin said...

How great it is that you get to spend some special time with just her and Harper gets special time with her other grandparents! The greatest memories of my childhood were the special times with my Nannie. What a blessing it is they have two sets of grandparents that love and adore them.

Karen said...

precious post! Enjoy your time with her. I've been following Kelly's post while in Ecuador along with the others & praying for them as they are HIS hands and feet for us who cannot go.

Donna said...

How lucky are you!! Miss Hollis is just a doll baby. Skipper might be a little jealous. Don't spoil her too much. LOL
Keepping you in my heart in Ga.

pamk said...

It looks like Hollis is loving her time with you--a blessing as Kelly travels in Ecuador. Her posts have been so inspiring! I'm working on my budget now to see how I can come up with the money each month to support a Compassion child. What a wonderful cause, in Jesus' name!

Betty G said...

Judy, Hollis looks just like you! I agree with RJ.

Betty in Tennessee
Grandmother of 14 grandchildren,
with another due in December!
PLUS, one GREATgrandbaby,
7 mos. old

Chelsa said...

ohh i think hollis looks a lot like you in that picture of the two of you :)