Friday, November 11, 2011

Welcome Home Mommy!

This time tomorrow night my Mommy will be home from her exciting trip to Ecuador with Compassion International.

I am so proud of her for going 'cause I know she hated to be away from my big sister and me.......and my DAD!

But when you follow Jesus you sometimes have to do things that are not exactly in your comfort zone!

Such as go down the Amazon in a boat and nearly sweat to death to love on some sweet children who have nothing much other than love from their parents.  Not even the necessities of life!

I am so glad my parents and my Nonny and Poppy have adopted children all over the world to support through Compassion to give them a chance at a better life!  And I don't  mean having the luxuries that we "think" we have to have.  They need food, clothes, clean water and a mattress even to sleep on at night.  And a chance at receiving an education.  Most of all, they receive a chance to hear about Jesus who loves all the little children of the world!

So, Mommy, I can hardly wait to see you!  Here are some pictures Nonny made of me the past few days just to remind you what I look like!  har har.......a little baby humor!



Jess :) said...

Oh, just precious!!! What an adorable post and those pictures are priceless! I've been praying for the whole Ecuador team and I know they've ministered to SO many. :)

Anonymous said...

Good job Hollis! I know you'll be glad to see your Mommy again soon.



Nancy said...

She is such a beauty!
I am proud of Kelly & the whole gang, and I don't know any of them! What an amazing experience, I can imagine!

Julie said...

the pictures are so very adorable!

Cardigan Chic said...

What a sweet post!! Hope you had a blessed week with that precious little thing. So blessed indeed!


Patty Sumner said...

What amazing journeys the Lord sends us on when we are willing to step out and serve him wherever and whenever. Blessings to Kelly for her willingness to serve and go. Blessings to you for giving her the opportunity by taking care of her little one. How wonderful! Thanks for sharing and have a blessed weekend.

Kelley said...

She is so beautiful! I know you have had fun with her!

Erin said...

She is just such a doll! You must have both really enjoyed your week with her.

April said...

This just warms my heart! You sure have been richly blessed, Judy!

ME said...

I'm too proud of the Ecuador team.The more we have the more we want, the more we have the more we'll leave behind.Greed never dies but what will not die is the selflessness we have shown in the world while we were alive.Nothing could be more humane than adopting helpless and homeless kids,I think instead of feeling sorry for such kids we must pull up our socks and reach out to these needy kids.Loved your post and the pics off course!
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