Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December 20..Day 2 and the Fun Continues

I can't remember having such a wonderful day so close to Christmas in such a long time.  Usually my pre-Christmas days are filled with church activities (still are), parties (gone to several), shopping, wrapping, cooking, baking, dropping like a rock!

This year, because our children are having Christmas with their in-laws, I have done practically no shopping ( we have a no-gift policy for adults...only children and charities) and I must say it has been a season of peacefulness to say the least!  If your family hasn't tried it one year, you should give it a whirl next year.  Just enjoy the people around you and focus on the Spirit of the Lord and He will bring you an abundance of peace and joy!

Tonight was especially joy-filled.  Harper and I have waited all day for Papa to come home and tonight we all went out to eat and to look at the Christmas lights!

We especially had fun at the local town square Nativity scene.  Of course, Harper knew what and who it was.  She wanted to go over and see Baby Jesus.  But most of all she wanted to ride on the donkey and the camel!!   And she gave the Wise Men a kiss before we left!
So much fun to see this through the eyes of an almost three year old!

We ran into the Santa man himself.  I think he was checking his notebook to see if Harper has been naughty or nice.  I could tell him she has been the "sweetest" girl!  But I might be a little prejudice!

We made a little side trip to WM to pick a few things and Harper did pick out one thing:
We gave her a choice between a little FP play house with little people or the farm.
She bought the farm!  She loves animals!

We had some sweet time together tonight when we got home and I just had to make pictures of a perfect ending to a perfect day in the eyes of a Nonny who is so in love with her grandbaby!

Papa was drawing for her.  Skipper was in on the cuddling on the couch!

Just so you will know, I got in on the love fest too!

Harper, You are too young to know or understand at your age what joy you bring to your Papa and Nonny's heart!  Truly God has blessed us and we thank Him every day!

P.S. (For Harper's Mom and Dad's sake, she went right to bed and fast to sleep when I told her as soon as she gets up in the morning , we'll break open the new farm and play!!)


Kimberley said...

such a sweet post. i must say, i got a little teary-eyed at the picture of harper with her arms around papa. so sweet!

Julie said...

You are such wonderful grandparents!

Cindy said...

There is just the sweetest joy in spending te with grad babies! Merry Christmas to you all!

Kelly said...

She's not going to want to come home.

Melanie Keffer said...

Sleeping on Papa's shoulder was the killer to this group of pictures. You will never know. My dad is gone now and my kids grown but I still remember those scenes. How wonderful!!

God bless all of you. We are also blessed through your sharing and enjoy seeing the pictures probably almost as much as you enjoy showing them!! :)

Thanks again!

Melanie Keffer
Olive Branch, MS

Linda said...

Oh Judy...what wonderful pictures! I am so glad you had such fun with Harper. She is precious.

I thought I was ahead of things this Christmas...and I was...but then my 58 yr. old brother had a heart attack last Wed.

Then he had a quad by-pass on Friday. He will be in the hospital a few more days...a week at the most if he does his walking and his breathing exercises. Then he will come here to our house to recover.

He also found out he is a new diabetic. So, we have spent this whole week in the hospital with him. Would you and your husband join us in praying for my brother Dan's recovery, and his salvation? He needs him.

I could use prayers for strength too. Here we are at Christmas...and now it is full of stress. UGH!

Dan is in a lot of pain. I know it must just be awful to go through that. So far he has been on Morphine and Lortabs and last night also Ambien so he could sleep. I hate seeing him all drugged up. And he is hard to deal with when he is like that. I just want him to accept Jesus so badly! But he doesn't want to hear about Jesus...he only believes in the Father God...not the Son or the Holy Spirit. And we just don't see eye to eye on much at all. He is a gambler.

They found out he is a diabetic now....and I am called upon to learn all about how to cook for him and feed him. So I am a little nervous about all of this.

I know I just need to trust God and ask Him for peace in my spirit...and for strength to care for Dan for the next couple of months.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Anonymous said...

What sweet memories you are making with your grandchildren! My 6-year-old niece loves animals too, she's telling everyone at her school about her Christmas vacation at Granny and Grandpa's farm and my 7-year old niece and 5-year old niece are excited too!

We're having a "Happy Birthday Jesus" party for my 4 niece's and nephew.



Chelsa said...

Harper looks like she is having the time of her life :) I'm glad ya'll get to spend this special time with her!

Mallory said...

What sweet, sweet pictures! Harper is such a pretty girl!! I love her riding the donkey and watching Papa draw for her! Would you mind finding out what kind of lens Kelly/Scott uses to take pictures of most of the girls? Like I remember seeing a huge lens on his camera when Hollis was born and "portrait" wise, I'd love some advice. I've been saving for one, but want to make sure it's the right one for me! Thanks!

Lauren said...

so so sweet!!!!! :)

Shell said...

Such a sweet post! Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Taylor said...

Precious, precious post! That Harper is such a doll and those pictures of her with her Papa just melt my heart. It is so clear how very loved and loving she is!!!

Nancy said...

This post makes me want to cry it's so sweet! Those pictures are precious. I love them all! She's growing up so fast!

The Garners said...

This is so sweet! I love all the pictures--especially at the nativity scene! (Her little expression looks so much like Kelly to me in the photo where she is riding the camel!) She is so precious. I wish I could see her more!

JazzerMomma said...

Will you please adopt me? Those are the sweetest pictures ever! I suppose I am a bit old to be your granddaughter. RATS!

God bless you!!

Erin said...

These moments with Harper are priceless as are the pictures you posted. Enjoy!

Patty Sumner said...

Sweet! What a wonderful blessing those times are. I love the idea of a simple Christmas. Blessings!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Oh the sweet look on y'alls faces says it all. Pure Joy! I think lil Miss Harper is pretty smitten with y'all too. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Johanne said...

Such breautiful pictures. The one's with Papa brought tears to my eyes, as my boy is almost the same age as Harper. My Dad passed away 4.5 years ago and Justin never got to meet my Dad and it makes me teary eyed because I know how much he would love his Opa (and vise versa) as much as Harper loves her Papa. Beautiful :) Thanks for sharing! <3

Lynn D said...

My heart is about to burst from looking at these photos of Harper. I have tears flowing down my cheeks.

Thank you for sharing these special moments with us. It is like reliving my childhood Christmas'.

God Bless Y'all... Merry Christmas!

Lynn in Alabama

Faith said...

Oh my word, those pictures of Harper and her Papa...melt. my. heart!! I can tell y'all are having a blast!

Kimberly said...

I almost cry seeing harper and her grandpa. Such a special relationship.

Dianne said...

Okay, I love your policy about no gifts for adults only the children but let me ask you this--

What will you do when Harper becomes an adult? This is so hard. Our oldest granddaughter is now 21 and we have grandchildren all the way down to 7--so what do we do, buy for all the grandchildren except one??

It really is a dilemma--can you imagine buying for Hollis and not buying for Harper?


Merry Christmas!

And you have raised a very special daughter!

I am 67 years old and read Kelly's blog every day.

Jeanie said...

Such precious moments.