Saturday, May 26, 2012

What Nonny Did While Kelly Was Holding the Rooster

I had a fun couple of days this past week.  If you read Kelly's blog about her trip on Tuesday to visit P. Allen Smith's farm you know she didn't take the girls with her.

(Come to think of it, Harper would have loved holding that rooster!)

So I volunteered my Grandma-sitting services so she could go and experience the beautiful farm and most importantly, a WHOLE night's sleep!!

I throughly enjoyed keeping the girls.(with Scott's help too!)
So I just happen to have made a few (ahem, well, maybe a few hundred) pictures of the girls while I was there. I thought I might share them since nothing else I did this past week had such a cuteness factor!!

We had a little picnic lunch outside!

We played dolls!

We went to "Chick'N Play"(what Harper calls ChickFila) for a little afternoon ice cream.....and play!

Is she not the cutest little girl?? (Yes, I know I sound just like a grandparent!)

The girls love when their Daddy gets home.  He is a wonderful Daddy too!

Mama came home and "all's right with the world" and Nonny's job was terminated.......for awhile!!

Call me again anytime....I should be available!!

Kelly was so sweet to bring me this cookbook signed by P. Allen Smith from her trip!


Kimberley said...

so nice of you to lend a hand, i'm sure they didn't have to twist your arm too bad ;)

guess who i met friday... kelly, harper and hollis! i took my boys to the splash park and saw them there. so i was the nerd who went up to kelly and said the infamous phrase, "i read your blog." :)

she sure has some beautiful little girls!!!

His Doorkeeper said...

Kimberley, I bet she was excited to meet you too! I hope I can come over and go to the splash park with the girls! Driven by it but never got to go yet! Maybe I'll see you there one day this summer!! Love to see your boys!

goatpod2 said...

They're adorable! That's neat to get a cookbook signed by P. Allen Smith. I'll be meeting my new niece soon along with my parent's, we haven't met her yet, she's almost 4 mos. old.


Kelley said...

They are so cute! I love it when you post their pictures! I bet it was a lot of fun keeping them.

Melissa said... your grandma pictures.

it is rare i think those two look alike...kelly posted a picture once where i thought Hollis looked so much like Harper...and now you did. the 2nd picture of Hollis in her chair (above you talking about how cute she is...HA)...that picture is a Harper face!

there is a special relationship between grandma and glad you get to experience it!

Maydelin said...

such a cutie pies

Natasha said...

I always appreciate the support from my parents when they help out with, and love on, my kids. And I know Kelly appreciates your help too. And I love that my parents take time to build a relationship with my kids as individuals and not just through our family all the time. Not every grandparent does that.

Also, you probably know this already but Hollis isn't on your blog header. I don't know how easy, or hard, they are to change since I don't have one but I thought I would say I always notice her missing.

Di said...

They are beautiful. Staying with grandbabies is just the best!

His Doorkeeper said...

Natasha, You are so RIGHT!! Yikes....I am so use to not looking at my header that I have paid no attention to the pictures!! Call it old age.....

I am so happy you pointed this out to me and I will get right on it! In fact, I think Kelly made a picture of us today that I may use!

Thank YOU SO MUCH!! :)
I can't believe someone else had mentioned this to me!
I certainly don't mean to slight my sweet Hollis! She is such a little honey!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

I love these pictures! The first one of Harper (the close up) and the one of Hollis grinning from ear to ear while sitting in the highchair are my favorites. :) So glad you got some Nonny time!

Sara said...

What a fun day for you and the girls!!

Natasha said...

And I'm just putting you to work today because I noticed Hollis isn't on your sidebar either :) But that one isn't as noticeable to me. And it's just all about me, right! :)

And I totally know that you aren't meaning to slight Hollis. It's harder to notice things we see everyday until someone else points it out. It happens to me a lot too. And I don't think I can blame old age yet! (I'm just a year or two older than Kelly.)

Donna said...

Precious pictures. It's tough being a Nonny! LOL And I could not believe the pic of Kelly holding that rooster. Too funny.