Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fish Flying Over Crystal Bridges

I wanted to post a quick blog mostly just to have a remembrance of our Memorial Day with our grandchildren.

We are blessed to live just a few hours from them and on occasion, we drive over for several hours and get our "grand baby fix" and be home before dark!

We went downtown Bentonville for lunch to try out a new eating place on the square.  I should have taken a picture of it but totally forgot.  It's called "The Flying Fish" and it was very good.  The girls got their own little "boats" of chicken (that's what kids eat in a fish place!) :) They both ate really well and Hollis discovered she likes ketchup!  In fact I think she dipped her chicken in the ketchup and just ate the ketchup!!  "Double-dipping" so to speak!

From the square you can walk to the awesome walking trail of the Crystal Bridges Art Museum.  So we put the girls in their double stroller and off we went!

Hollis had already taken off her sandals and thrown one down on the trail. A sweet lady found it and ask us if we had lost a shoe!!

"Ma & Pa Kettle" 
(If you are under 40, ask your grandparents)

If was so hot, the first place we went in the museum was to get some refreshment!

The museum is just a wonderful place for young and old!

"Sister Love"

Thanks, Scott and Kelly, for letting these two old grandparents take up your vacation day!

We sure enjoyed our "grand baby fix" once again!


Kimberley said...

i've been wanting to try the flying fish, but wasn't sure what the boys would eat. glad to know they have chicken, ha!

i'm under 40 (barely) and i know ma and pa kettle. call my parents that sometimes :)

i need to get to crystal bridges, too! looks so neat!

Nancy said...

Look at Harper's face in that second picture! She is too cute for words!
Looks like such a good time! Great always!
Happy Wednesday to you!

Karen said...

Fabulous! What a wonderful weekend with the two cutest little Southern Belles :) It seems that those grand babies sure do love their grandparents...what precious smiles!

Paula said...

Those girls are just so stinkin' cute!

That pic of Hollis giggling at her Papa is priceless!

Gabbie is a shoe-thrower also. Whenever you get where you're going with her you have to take time to get her shoes back on before getting her out of the car.

And my daughter (28) knows and loves Ma and Pa Kettle. (She's a very old 28, LOL)

Maryellen said...

What a special day.
The photos are just precious.
Both girls have amazing personalities you can just see it.

Sara said...

I have heard so many good things about that restaurant. I think we will just have to drive up there one evenin to eat dinner or perhaps have a little lunch date with the hubbie:)

The Garners said...

How fun! The museum looks amazing--I hope to visit there this summer. Love the girls' red, white & blue!

Kelley said...

That is a wonderful post! I love all of your pictures, but the one with Harper looking at Hollis is fantastic! What a great love captured in that picture! Precious!

Ashley said...

Those girls are so sweet! My husband and I LOVE The Flying Fish! We used to eat at the one in LR all the time when we were in grad school at UCA. Actually, it was the first place we went on a date! My husband stole one of those paper boats and tried to float it in a mud puddle, saying he was gonna take me on a boat ride. :) I actually ate at the one here twice for my birthday. Like I said, I LOVE it!

The Jacobs Family said...

Oh my! That picture of your husband and Hollis is precious!!

Natasha said...

I love both the picture of Hollis and your husband and the two girls with each other. So sweet!

And I LOVE whenever I get to hang out with my parents and my kids, so as a parent I think it's great how invested you are in Harper and Hollis' lives.

emily said...

I'm mid-20's but LOVE Ma and Pa Kettle. My cousins and I grew up watching it at my grandparents and even though we're all young adults now, we still pop it in their VCR (yes, VCR!) from time to time to watch when we're all there! A classic show with so many funny parts. They need more shows like that on tv for families!

Tara G. said...

How fun!!! My parents are so excited for us to come back stateside. The kids made a bucket list that Dad has on his desk, so we'll have a busy schedule when we're there for a week! Good thing we're going to my in-laws' the first week of leave so we can get over jet lag at the lake and be ready! :)

Maydelin said...

lovely pictures

Candis Berge said...

I think I am developing Arkansas envy. So many fun places to visit and sunny weather too! Great pictures of those precious granddaughters. I feel like I know you all. (Or should I say ya'all?)

Sarah said...

I remember reading about this day on Kelly's blog. It's fun to read about it from your perspective too!