Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Playing Catch Up

I get a little slower every week.  I feel like I have been behind on everything since I had my foot surgery.  I am doing much better...walking and wearing a regular shoe albeit one foot is a size 8 and the surgery foot is a size 10W!

I still have swelling and it is still somewhat sore.  But I am up and so happy to be driving and walking!   But I can not seem to get caught up with all the things I let go while being down!

I did want to do a post about several things that I did not want to forget.  It is amazing how you can look back on past posts years ago and have completely forgotten about it!  Also, I love to see how my family has changed as the girls continue to grow up!

October was Pastor Appreciation Month and our church was so sweet to us.  We got so many wonderful, sweet little gifts and cards with words of love and encouragement.  I wish I could share with you all the sweet words. They mean so much to us! We love our church family!

One of our favorites was cards from the little kids in our church from age 3 and up.  I wanted to share a couple of them because they were so cute.

This is a little thank you note from our little three year old neighbor who goes to our church.  I got one too.  He scribbled us a "Note" and his Mom said he got so much fun putting them in the mailbox to mail them to us.

Another sweet note from a sweet little girl in elementary school.  We loved it!

We teach a young adults Bible study on Sunday mornings.  They had a dinner for us one Friday night.  They are a sweet bunch and we love being with them!

We have several that didn't get to come but we love them all and thank them for treating us to a great supper and lovely evening!

Our church had a fellowship and a gospel sing to end up Pastor Appreciation month.  We had a great evening there too.

We have been blessed by so many gifted musicians in our church.  We have a worship band and a group of young singers who lead our children's group on Wednesday nights.   The worship band plays on Sunday mornings and we are always blessed by their dedication and how they lead our church to worship!

Kelly already wrote about the fun time we had last week-end when we got a chance to go over and visit with them.  I made all the pictures and Kelly got my camera card before I left and used my pictures.  However, I had a few different pictures I wanted to share on my blog!

I hadn't got to spend much time with the girls in the past two months due to my foot keeping me from many of activities that I enjoyed.  I made up for that on Friday and Saturday.  We had the BEST time with them and I got to pick them up and hold them like I normally always do!

We had so much fun taking them to the Toy Fair in their downtown.  We got there early and it gave them a chance to do some "hands on" with the toys.  If we had waited till later, they wouldn't have had the chance to see and play with all the toys that they did!

Had a great bowl of tortilla soup here on the square and some delicious guacamole dip!  Great way to start a good afternoon!

Then on to the toys!!

We had tickets to the Razorback game on Saturday but Hubs wasn't feeling too well with a sinus infection and decided he wouldn't go. (Gasp....he rarely  misses a game)  But from the looks of things on Saturday, I think he enjoyed his time with his sweet girls!

Thanks to Kelly and Scott for allowing the grandparents to come and visit!
We had the time of our lives!

I am sitting here tonight like millions of other Americans watching the election returns.  I read this little saying today and I think it speaks of how my heart feels tonight!

America's Hope:
Not in the Donkey
Nor in the Elephant
But in the LAMB.

God bless America!


Nancy said...

Love that picture of you & your grand girls!
I'm disappointed that Obama got re elected, but will be praying for his decisions for the next 4 years!
More importantly! I love Kelly's hair darker!

Johanne said...

It's wonderful to hear how you are getting around more. Glad you are doing well. Your sweet girls looked like they had a wonderful time. I dont think Papa missed the game at all :) We here in Canada have been watching the voting rsults all night. God Bless America and God bless you and your beautiful family.

Tara G. said...

So sweet!! We're hoping my parents can make a trip down for Christmas...I keep telling them we won't have snow! They received their first dusting yesterday!

Maryellen said...

Glad you are feeling better and up and about. The girls are growing so fast and are just so sweet.

I loved your comment on the election.

Keep our eyes on Jesus !

Bill Butcher said...

Judy, we are so thankful that God has allowed you and steve to pastor and minister to our church. I am sure you were blessed by all the gifts and gestures of appreciation you recieved. But I know tht you recieve even greater blessing by seeing How God has used you to change the lives of others. Our family is one of those changed lives. It has been under you and steves leadership that our fmaily has been drawn closer to God. Both of you are such an inspiration to us all. May the Lord continue to bless you and the lives He has put before you in reaching the lost.


Donna said...

So glad you are out and about. I bet you feel like you have been let out of jail. The toy fair looks like a lot of fun. I know the girls had a great time. Just catch up with your to-do list a little at a time and don't over do it. Those dust bunnies aren't going anywhere.

Candis Berge said...

Nice to read all your new posts. I love the family of God - just peaking in on your ministry, seeing unfamiliar faces but knowing we share the same Redeemer. Though we have never met, it is so similar to the fellowship we enjoy in our own church. It is encouraging to realize there are so many fellowship of believers here and there - and that one day we will ALL worship at the feet of Jesus together! Isn't that amazing?