Monday, November 12, 2012

Little Rock, Nicaragua and Home Sweet Home

Hubs and I went to Little Rock on Friday to help keep our youngest grand baby while her sister had a check-up at Children's Hospital.  It was a fairly long appointment and little sister needed some entertainment to keep her busy!

Enter Papa and Nonny!  I love the new part of Arkansas Children's Hospital.  We had visited a couple of patients there a few weeks ago and it was our first time to visit the new addition.  Very nice and roomy!

We not only got to keep our Hollis busy but Hubs had a five year old boy named Shawn attach himself to his side and they played for a long time together!  I think Shawn's mom was happy for Papa to take care of him for awhile!

After lunch we said our "good-byes" to Papa. He spent the night in Little Rock because he was leaving early the next morning for Nicaragua.  There were others from our church who were joining him in Little Rock.  There was a change in plans when the airline did a miscalculation but all was finally resolved.
He did end up spending eight hours in Houston but finally made it to his destination on Saturday night.

Nonny and Papa
"Ma and Pa Kettle"

Kelly, the girls and I headed for home where they would spend the week-end with me.

I love this next picture because they both had a big day!

Bless their hearts!

With Papa gone, Harper got to sleep with her Nonny!  She flipped and flopped around most of the night but isn't she sweet when she is sound asleep!
I love this baby!

Saturday was just a beautiful fall day.  Hollis was very congested and didn't feel too great but we did get outside for a short time to play! Hollis is so sweet and has the softest little voice when she talks.  She is just precious to me!

Harper started posing and you would have thought she was fixing to take off dancing!  She is sooooooo funny!  I love her personality!  

Hollis talking Kelly's phone pretending to talk to "Sister" as she calls Harper!

Harper loves little china dishes.  She had played with some I had here nearly every time she comes.  This summer when I was in Dallas I went to IKEA and found her a new little set just for her to play with when she comes to Nonny's house.  She was really enjoying serving "Tea"!

We had a fun time together but we missed our Papa!

The Boys miss their Papa too!
We are praying for him day and night and for all those there with him!


elainaann said...

I don't think H&H are loved quite enough. Ha! Sweet pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Love Being A Nonny said...

I know you were in Nonny Heaven last weekend! PRECIOUS girls...their mommy too!

goatpod2 said...

Precious pictures!



Nancy said...

Precious post!!
I know the girls had a great time with you!
Hope your hubby has a great trip!

Libby said...

Oh Judy, these pictures of your precious little grands are so sweet. There is just nothing quite like spending time with them, is there. Thanks so much for sharing and glad to hear your foot is much better.

Candis Berge said...

Oh, there is nothing like having tea with a grandchild! As a mom of three sons, no daughters, I was over the moon when I had my first little tea party with a grand-daughter! Though my little grandsons also love tea with grandma- it must be the sugar cubes!)

Lauren said...

I just LOVE your sweet fam!!!!! Xoxoxo

Dina said...

I love sleeping baby pictures! There is nothing sweeter! They are blessed to have you as a Nonny!

And as a mother of a 2 year old, I know it is priceless to have help from the grandparents!

Kelley said...

I loved seeing your pictures! Your girls are just beautiful! You all just glow with your love for the Lord!

Johanne said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and hubby. Also to your amazing family. Hope you all have a blessed day and a wonderful start to a great holiday season. All my love & hugs