Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy Day in Texas circa 1973

I'm at the age if anyone ask me what I did yesterday, I might have to hesitate and ponder on the question for awhile, and then maybe I could give some answer that borders on what I could really remember about yesterday! However, if someone ask me what I was doing this week thirty-four years ago I could give them play-by-play commentary. For nearly a week I was in this large hospital in Dallas, Texas where I gave birth to my first child and only daughter, Kelly.
I never shall forget THAT day!

After being "sort-of" in labor all day (mostly backaches). I went to hospital around five p.m.after my husband, who had worked all day, got home. Never fear, I wasn't left at home all day by myself:my parents had come and stayed at least a week before to keep an eye on me and the safe delivery of their first grandbaby. Kindof like watching to see that the pot doesn't boil over!! After being in labor till near midnight and not much happening.....I had a C-section. Meanwhile the waiting room had begin to fill with hubby's parents and my cousin and her husband and their kids.

Kelly was born just before midnight(11:47) and weighed 8lbs. and 2 oz. Funny how you memorize those numbers and they stay with you always. It is an awesome event in your life!!
Kelly was a beautiful baby and loved to eat! She was so smart and alert and I danced and sang and read to her everyday! She had my total attention and I was totally enthralled with this wonderful child that God had sent to us.
I would have to say that she was a strong-willed child but I feel that is a good quality that has served her well. She always loved to read and started to school at four. The kindergarten teachers were amazed how well she read by the time she was five.
Along came her brother when she was 27 months old and they got along very well. Still do!

Here she is with her husband on her birthday last year! We consider her husband our third child...we love him lots! So 34 years has passed fast for us and I have to say that Kelly has been one of the greatest blessings in our lives. Happy Birthday Kelly! We love you dearly, Mom and Dad.


Kelly said...

Awwwww........thank you! That is so sweet! I'm blessed to have been born to you and dad! :-)

Hillary said...

What a sweet post!! I love the part about her "loving to eat" b/c I can relate! She sure was a cute baby. And now she's as beautiful as ever! I, for one, am very thankful you brought her into this world! I'd be lost without her!

The Garners said...

Loved this post about Kelly...she's such a blessing to everyone!!!!

Laurie said...

I loved reading this post. Ya'll did a WONDERFUL job of raising Kelly!

a boy a girl and a pug said...

That is just so sweet! Thank you for sharing that with us!

Anonymous said...

All of my labor was back pain too! What a sweet post! You're a great Mom!

Anonymous said...

Such a cute couple and your daughter is so pretty. Happy Belated Birthday Kelly. I was delighted you visited my blog and left such a nice comment. Your home in the country is lovely and I really enjoyed the tour. We live in the country too but much farther out than 6 miles and I just hate the drive into town just to grocery shop. I hope you'll visit me often. Merry Christmas from one mental redecorator to another. Lynn

Brittani's Holding Little Hands said...

I'm so excited to "meet" Kelly's mom! Thanks for your comment on my blog. What a sweet post and wonderful family you have.

a woman who is said...

Thanks for the invite over. Yes, our shelves and fireplace are the same, and I even noticed your cream coach with ottoman and the leather one. Ditto over here. We also take Christmas pictures in front of the fireplace every year. My first born, my son was born in Dec. 22nd 1980. We seem to have a lot in common ;>)
Nice to meet you!