Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Excuse me, would you help me load this machine in my car?

Nearly six weeks ago I had a minor accident involving 10 or so tables that were leaning vertically against a wall fall over on me. You really don't want to hear the details,trust me, but for several days I could hardly move or walk. After a visit to my doctor and x-rays, he decided I needed physical therapy to help with the seemingly never-ending pain.

Since I had never had anything like this before, I didn't know what to expect at physical therapy. So far they have put me in this small room, brought in this HUGE heated pad (feels like it's been in a oven), connected electrodes to my back that sends a current that feels like an ocean wave all up and down my spine, prop my feet up in the air and darken the room and leave me to "bake" for 16 minutes. It is pure heaven! The first time they did that, the therapist ask me as she left the room if I needed anything else, just push the button on the buzzer (room service?) I thought maybe they would offer a pedicure since I felt like this must be what it is like to go to a spa(I've never been)!

As I lay there today I started thinking.....boy, would I love to have this at home!
Wonder how much one of these "ocean-current" machines would cost. Then the idea came into my head (I must have been about "done") : Wouldn't it be nice if you could go to your local mall and there would be this store between the Gap and Dillard's where you could go in and pay for about 15 minutes of heat and current! Would that be something??

I have only a few more times left to go to physical therapy. Mr. Therapist told me when I come back on Friday he was going to put me in some "traction".
Why did Mel Gibson and "Braveheart" pop into my mind when he said that?
Oh, well, maybe I will be taller when all is said and done! Stay tuned.....