Monday, October 29, 2007

Blast from the Past: Trip to the Zoo

My daughter and her husband went on a trip this week-end and she mentioned how they went to the zoo. So I started remembering her very first trip to the zoo. We were living in Dallas and we could hardly wait to do all the new parent activities such as taking our baby to see all the animals!
You can see that we ended up enjoying the zoo and Kelly took a nap!! No, Kelly, you had not been kidnapped by this skinny guy with a head full of DARK's your Dad!!
Wasn't she the prettiest little girl in Dallas?? We thought so and still do!


Kelly said...

I wondered who that groovy man was pushing my stroller!

Anonymous said...

Judy! These are so fun! I am glad you shared them! Zoo trips are always memorable! I love that you dig out the old photos--keep them coming!

Jacquie said...

Judy, I was reading through your blog and came across this post. We had the best laugh at Steve's pic. I "blew it up" and no one could guess who was in the picture!!! HA!

Can't believe that's our preacher!!