Sunday, October 28, 2007


Yesterday was homecoming at the University of Arkansas. Just going brought up a wellspring of memories. The above pictures are of homecoming circa 1969 when we still played Texas A&M.
These are pictures of my sorority house where we always decorated for the big homecoming competition of "BEST Decorated House". Don't think we ever won, but we had lots of fun!

Guess the theme here is "We've gone to help the team" ! Not much has changed....look how short our skirts were. In case you are wondering, I'm the one with the red top and long hair with my back turned to the camera.

I didn't know anything in those days about the Texas Aggies. Little would I know my son would grow up and graduate from Texas A&M and be an Aggie! That would have been a terrible thought in those days to a Razorback! Borders on treason!! har har

Wish Arkansas played Texas A&M again......I miss the band!


Morris Family said...

It looks like you enjoyed the games back then too!! I really enjoy your blogs too, don't give up!! Flippin homecoming is this coming Friday!!! :)

jlg said...

Love these pictures!!

Kelly said...

Mom - whoo whoo - short skirt!
I like these old pictures. My favorite thing used to be looking at your old college and sorority pictures!