Sunday, October 28, 2007

"Goggled " Out

I first started my blog because my daughter, Kelly, encouraged me and I loved reading other people's blogs. I have always loved reading with my favorite being non-fictions and autobiographies. Blogs are like reading a good novel to me and the best's real people with interesting lives!

My biggest problem the past week has been the lack of technical proficiency on my part to deal with a blogging problem. I have unable (up until the last few minutes) to get into my "dashboard" to write my blog. I have spent more minutes than I care to admit trying to fix my problem without any understanding of how this whole thing works to start with.

I decided to start from scratch and tried to start a new blog and then, boom, my old dashboard came up with BOTH blogs? I still scratching my head but decided to forge ahead and see what happens. I wanted to put up some pictures but am afraid I will lose this page. So if I see this goes well, I will try again. THIS IS VERY FRUSTRATING! Have you had any problems like this or am I just an "old"dog and can't learn many new tricks???


jamie said...

I would be no help at all--I get frustrated with our blog, too. It "freezes" up sometimes and I have to publish it several times in order for the comments section to work. L always knows how to fix these things, but he's so busy studying that I hate to constantly ask him to fix my computer mistakes! Please don't give up on it--I love reading your blog! :)

Kelly said...

Don't give up!!!
I think everyone has problems now and then and I don't think anyone who has a blog is a computer genius.
I'm glad you have a blog!