Sunday, December 30, 2007

B'Bye 2007 and Hello 2008!

Years ago I would leave my Christmas decorations up till after the new year had come and gone but I decided this year to just take the tree down first. After I got the tree down, there was such a big space left, so I decided to move the furniture around. Then I started cleaning and decided to put up everything!! Only most of it is still in a pile in my office but getting closer to the garage day by day........maybe tomorrow.....or the next day! Procrastination is the name of the game!
Little piles of stuff everywhere! Where do you park a deer for the year? Another plastic tub to be added to the post-Christmas shopping list? How did we ever live without those plastic tubs??

My old armoir got moved into the corner where the tree was.

I added an antique chair and small table and a mirror I bought three years ago( and never had out of the closet) to the place where the armoir stood.
I keep the glass jars out and filled them with silver ornaments and am using that for a "winter theme" for the month of January.
This was my favorite find on the 50% off at Tar-jays! I love the metal deer and the silver tray...such good buys and I may leave them out for my "winter theme" since we have at least 9-12 real deer in our yard each day!
This was one of my favorite gifts I got: the engagement picture of my son and his girlfriend, Carrie. 2008 will bring a wedding in Texas and we will be looking forward to that this summer!
Happy New Year to everyone! May God bless you all and may we be a blessing to HIM in all our thoughts , words and deeds.


The Garners said...

That is a beautiful armoire! I plan to leave my village pieces out for a few more weeks...if it doesn't stress Rhett out too much. He's convinced that it's a Christmas decoration and therefore needs to go to the attic with everything else! :) I'm glad I'm not the only one with little piles of decoration/stuff everywhere. I finally made enough progress this evening to be able to see the top of the dining table!! Happy New Year!

Hillary said...

My living room looks very sad without my tree up. It makes me want to go out and buy something to fill the space. You did a great job with yours!
I really like your find for "Tar-jay!" Very cute!

MaryLu said...

Lovely homw, looks like it has always been that way.
What a lovely picture of your son and DIL.
It is inspiring me to clean my house. Later, not now, gotta proofread my DH's Graduate thesis.
Hmm, cleaning the house sounds like more fun.

Jennifer said...

Happy New Year~ I thought I'd visit your blog since you visited mine. :o) I love your winter themed display! So adorable!!! How fun that you get to watch deer graze out your window. If only one day! LOL I also love Tar-Jay! I love that they are at 75% off too! :o)

Sandra said...

Yeah for 50% off at Target! Great find!

Lallee said...

You have a beautiful home (and family!). Isn't it fun how things you've had for a long time look new again when you put them in a new place? I almost left silver things out for winter but packed them away. Seeing your pics, now I wish I had!

Kari & Kijsa said...

Hello sweet friend! Thank you for all your kind words on our blog! Have a very, very blessed day!

smiles, kari and kijsa