Friday, January 25, 2008

Chili Nights Indeed!

Got my first issue of Paula Deen's magazine this week and just love it! Thank you Kelly for giving the subscription for Christmas! Well, of course, just about the time I decide I need to RE-Lose those 6 extra pounds I've gained over the past few months, the magazine is filled to the gills with yummy recipes! The editors must know how everyone battles the soups and chili! One of the articles is called"Tummy Warmers" and one recipe is for "Cold Night Soup".

Sounds so good!

Today I was in Fayetteville doing a little "Mother-of-the-groom" shopping! I had tried on an outfit in Springfield that the saleslady said "just came in for spring" and I really liked it. I am very hard to please, by the way, on clothes. I think I look awful in most things. Well, I really did like this two-piece dress, but felt it was a little premature to be getting it already since the wedding isn't until July. Of course, after I got home and started thinking about it and how the months fly by and I don't get out of town to shop that often and I REALLY like this know how it is......I probably should go ahead and get it or it will be GONE!

So I go over today and there it is.......except the skirt is floor length at this store instead of the short flouncy one I had tried on! So I ask the saleslady and she said even though it is the same store, different cities carry different things even if it is the same top!! The skirt was SO long I would have had to have more than half of it cut off and at that way.

So off I go up to Bentonville to the new shopping center to see if the main store there has the short skirt to match my top. OF COURSE NOT!!! They had my top but the long skirt only!
Good grief. I think Murphy's Law comes in to play here somewhere. So I guess tomorrow I will try to call the store back in Springfield and see if they will mail me the skirt!

This would not have happened if I just didn't really have liked this outfit so much. If it were cheap and ugly they would have had 40 short skirts and 40 long skirts to choose from! Ha!
Oh, well, I may end up wearing some blue jeans and a T-shirt to the wedding! After all , we are from the hills of Arkansas!

Speaking of Paula D's good soup recipes, I did get to have a wonderful bowl of potatoe soup from the Market Place in the mall and stopped on the way home tonight and had another bowl of chicken tortilla soup at Neighbor's Mill in Harrison. Delicious and unlike the weather outside tonight, very warm!!


The Garners said...

I'm sure whatever you decide to wear to the wedding will be perfect! I think you're right though--July will be here in no you'd probably save yourself some stress to go ahead and shop now! How are the other wedding plans going?

Kelly said...

Glad you like Paula's magazine! And I saw your pictures and I like the dress! I think it will be great!

chickadee said...

don't you hate that? it happens to me all the time. because i'm rarely an impulse buyer and i always have to think about it. i lose so many things i like that way.

Leigh Ann said...

I just love Paula! What a great gift! About the dress, I just hate when that happens. I hope they are able to mail it to you. I always try to wait until things go on sale (especially kids clothes) and then by that time they don't have their sizes anymore! So frustrating!

Guy & Julie said...

Hope you can get the dress. You'll have to post a picture of it!

Morris Family said...

I LOVE Neighbor's Mill!! You are right...the wedding will be here before you know it!! Good Luck on getting the dress.

Laurie said...

Guess who helped me with the new look? Your sweet daughter!

chickadee said...

i will definitely blog about the oreck.

do you think chocolate gravy is a southern thing? i love it for a bedtime snack.