Sunday, January 27, 2008

They Are Precious in HIs Sight

Psalm 127:3 tells us that children are a heritage from the Lord. I couldn't agree more. I got to substitute for one of the teachers of the two year old class this morning at church. We had such an awesome time and I love when little kids put their hands together for prayer! So sweet. Here are two little girls who stayed still long enough for me to get a picture! Thank you Lord for little girls!


Leigh Ann said...

I second that! Thank you Lord for little girls (and sweet little boys, too)!

Judy said...

Hey Judy: I've just finished reading Kelly's post on her "hair adventures". It sure brings back memories of my daughter's hair days (she's 31). I would never have the nerve to post my pics but then I wasn't as pretty as Kelly. I've tagged you and Kelly for a post on How I Met My Husband. Sandi at Fabulous Fluff Stuff tagged me so go to her blog or mine to see what we did. I think it will be neat to have a mother-daughter tag team!

Judy said...

Oh, forgot to tell you, my daughter and I saw Paula Deen in Atlanta this past September...we are Paula Deen freaks! Hubby and I are going to Savannah next month for a little R&R and plan on eating at her restaurant!

Megan said...

Ms. Judy-What a small world! I feel like I know you! I'm so glad we made the connection. My Uncle Tom just loves to hear your husband preach. When I called him lastnight to tell him about Chaney's picture and ask about yall, he just went on and on about how wonderful you are and how he loves to hear your husband. I haven't seen Kelly in about 5 1/2 years, but I know from our brief time together that your family must be wonderful. I read your blog daily. It's an inspiration to me as a newly married Christian woman. Thank you for teaching my little cousins about the Lord. Love, Megan

On another note...I read that Paula Deen is opening a restaurant in Tunica this May. Now I've never been a gambling girl, but I'll go there to eat at her restaurant (much closer to home).