Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Church Joy

There are alot of things that bring me joy in my life as a minister's wife. One of those being able to delight in the children of our church. Every Sunday and Wednesday night after church we get to fellowship after church with alot of the young couples before they take their children home. What a fun time we have. This little boy in the picture above wants my husband or our associate pastor to "race" him down the main foyer and around the foyer table back to the back doors. Our associate pastor is 40 and hubby is pushing 60 but they race him several times before he goes home and he is elated! He laughs and has such fun......the older guy is gasping for air...har! No, just kidding!
These two are brother and sister and they are in Cubbies in Awanas. Tonight they made crowns...not sure which Bible story they were studying...but they were so cute I had to make their picture. I help with the third grade boys. I love them too.

These two were counting on their fingers as I was counting up to three to take their picture!
One, two, three!
This little girl who won't show her face is our neighbor and she is three and precious! She will see me in the hall and hollar, "Miss Judy, let's go find Mr. Steve!" And off we go!
This year we started Puggles, the youngest group for Awanas. She finally showed her face...isn't she beautiful? I hope all of you with children take them to church. For them to grow up in church with people who love them is just the best gift you can give your children. That's how I was raised and I have such good memories of so many people who gave their time to teach me God's Word and show me how God's love is real.

Yes, I have lots of reasons to be joyful! Thank you, Lord, for Your daily reminder in the form of beautiful little children!


MaryLu said...

They are precious!!
I wish we lived closer to our church (45 min away) so that we could "be there every time the doors are opened"
(Resolved: get them there more often!!)

The Boyer's said...

Hi Mrs. Judy,
I am Jamie's friend from Texas and just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading your blog. Couldn't agree with you more about bringing children up in the church. I truly believe that was one of the greatest blessings my parents gave to me!!! We plan to do the same with our little boy.
Hope you have a great night.
Heather Boyer

The Garners said...

Thank you for always being there at the church for us when we were growing up...I truly thought of you as part of my family...and I still do!