Thursday, January 17, 2008

CRAZY Hair Night!

Have I mentioned how I love AWANAS?? It is absolutely the BEST thing that you can do for the children in your church! If you don't have it, please look in to the program! If you have it and you don't work in it, please consider it....your life will be totally blessed!

Last night was CRAZY Hair Night! I totally fit in to that category....actually most of the time!
Anyway, the kids were so tickled at each other and they were really into it. In fact, we have this sweet sweet older man who is in the early/mid stages of Alzheimer's but he helps in AWANAS every Wednesday night! Well, the kids got ahold of his gray hair and gave him a "spike" hairdo and his hair was standing straight up and he was loving it!!

We have all kinds of kids who come to AWANAS. Alot of "church" kids but also, thankfully, alot of kids who are unchurched but their parents will let them come on Wednesday night even though they would not bring them on Sunday morning.

I was helping a little 8 year old boy last night learn his scripture and through the course of the conversation I learned he had not heard of the crucifixion of Jesus! We live, mine you, in the Bible Belt with a church of some sort on nearly every corner in our little town. And here is an 8 year old who had never heard that Jesus died on the cross for him.

I struggle with this because as I am planning my second trip to Nicaragua this fall to fulfill the Great Commission,and here is a precious little boy who lives in the same town as me, and he knows nothing of the love of Jesus. I did tell him, in the short time we had together, all I could about the sin that separates us from God and how He sent His only son, Jesus, to die on the cross for him and for all who call upon Him. He didn't respond yet but I will keep talking to him every week and pray that he does recognize his need for salvation. Please pray for this little boy. He is so sweet and he stole my heart from the very beginning. I just feel God has something special in mind for him!

Well, I'm off today for a ladies' lunch and I've got to go fix my CRAZY hair!!


Kelly said...

Where is a picture of YOUR crazy hair?
And as much as we should feel the need to travel to spread God's word - it's unbelivable the mission work that is just in our same town. There are probably just as many lost in NWA as there are in a country in South America.

MaryLu said...

AWANAS is SUCH a grat program!!
It looks like you guys had much fun!

The Garners said...

Crazy hair night sounds fun! I'm praying for this little boy to know the Lord!

Linda said...

What fun. We have a bible memory program but no awannas. It boggles my mind to how people in the South could not have heard of our Lord and his love for us but I know there are a lot out there that need to hear the Good News! Thanks for visiting my blog I have really enjoyed reading yours. I very easily figured out that you are Kelly's mom, I really enjoy her blog, and I really enjoyed reading the memories you had about your mom they were very sweet. I hope someday my children will be able to say at least some of those things about me.

Morris Family said...

It looks like all the kids really enjoy AWANAS. Myrt and James talk about all the "little" kids in the church. It reminds me of when they picked us up as little girls and took us to church. Even though we went to church on Sunday mornings...they told us we would be blessed later on in life for being there as much as possible. And how true that really is when you get older.

Sandra said...

Crazy hair night looked like a success! Let us take every opportunity share good news no matter where we are on the planet!

Sharmin said...

We love Awanas! Austin is a TnT and Logan is a Cubbie, they look forward to it every Wednesday night.

Our new church is about the same size at yours and we average 140-160 kids every Wednesday night. There is such a need for this.

I was a little surprised last night when Sandy, the pastor's wife tapped me on the shoulder just before Bible study and said, "I need to borrow you for a few minutes." The 6th grade boys were without an Awana leader so I was recruited. Amazingly enough, I enjoyed it! I figured after dealing with the rotten 7th graders I'd dealt with earlier in the day I wouldn't have much patience, but it was refreshing to have 9 or 10 boys who were interested in God's word.

Megan said...

I think that's my cousin Chaney!