Sunday, January 13, 2008

Let Us Rejoice and Be Glad!

Today has been a wonderful, blessed Lord's Day!

Today an eighty-eight year old man ,who had not been in church in 30 years except for coming to our church for the past two months, gave his heart to Jesus! What a wonderful experience for him , his children and his grandchildren who were there to witness their precious family member come down the aisle to make public his profession of faith in the Lord!

Here's what is really awesome: His entire Sunday school class, made up of men in their 70's and even one who is 92, came forward with him!! Is that not the neatest thing? He will be baptized next Sunday and our church will be rejoicing once again.

Well, if that wasn't enough to make a terrific Sunday, here's what else went on today:
One of our young men in our church who had felt a call into the ministry and had made that public a couple of months ago. So this afternoon our church held an ordination service for him. It was a glorious time to hear his testimony of how God had made clear to him that He was to serve Him in the ministry. He is a banker by profession but will be serving as a part-time youth minister in a small church in our area. We had a nice reception for him and his family and another occasion for our church to just rejoice how ALL things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purposes. Rom. 8:28

So this was a great day to serve God! How was your Lord's Day?


chickadee said...

that is wonderful news! we heard very similar news in our church today. a member's elderly uncle who was an alcoholic all his life and had refused to go to church with his wife (now dead) was being baptized this very morning. the church member shared that information with us today. i was thinking how glad i am that god doesn't give up on us.

The Garners said...

Mom told me about these two men this afternoon when we talked--both such neat neat stories of how God is ALWAYS at work--even when we don't realize it. We had a great sermon today. I've been singing "I will give you all my worship, I will give you all my praise..." all afternoon. It's been a great day.

Guy & Julie said...

I love your story about the gentleman who accepted Christ and how his SS class went forward with him--how precious! Can you imagine the rejoicing in heaven that went on yesterday!?

Sandra said...

Praise! What a wonderful post!