Saturday, February 16, 2008

"She's A Good Eater"

I get tickled every time I read my daughter's blog, Kelly's Korner, when she's cooking and sharing her recipes! As a young girl, I never cooked much, except Mother would let me bake those "no-bake cookies" that everybody made in those days. I never cooked a meal when I was growing up. Mother was a great cook and she did all the cooking and we were just kids, doing kid's things. I never really had an interest in the kitchen.

However, that all changed once I was married and had a husband who wanted to eat, funny thing! Well, I discovered I COULD cook without much experience under by belt , and I really
LIKE to cook!

So when my daughter grew up, I did the same thing as my mother. I never made her cook meals and I don't remember her ever really expressing a longing to be in the kitchen. Besides she was cheerleading, studying, and doing all the many things she did in school.

But she always like to eat. The pictures above are before she learned that a fork or spoon was necessary! We joke how we always called her our "good eater". Mainly because her little brother didn't like to eat much. We begged him to eat. Now he's a grown man who loves to eat and to COOK ! Go figure??

I love that my daughter loves to eat and cook! And she is a good cook! Now I am the one who gets recipes off her blog! I just wish we lived in the same town and she could bring me over some of that Chicken Supreme!!!


Kelly said...

You DID never teach me to cook! You always just cooked for us. And when I graduated college and got my first apartment - I didn't even know how to boil water much less cook anything.
But I guess it's just in my genes!
I can't believe you posted those pictures!!!! :-)

Jessica said...

I love those pictures!! Ha! Kelly has the sweetest little face! I met her tonight, and it was completely God-sent. She is so warm, and sweet, and adorable! You raised a wonderful girl up into a fine woman! : ) I just hugged her like I had known her all my life! Ha!

Leigh Ann said...

I just love Kelly! You raised such a wonderful daughter. I wish I lived closer, too, so I could get my hands on her leftovers!

The Garners said...

These are such adorable pictures!!! Kelly is such a precious person! Lane and I want her & S to move to LR (maybe she'd cook for us so we wouldn't eat popcorn 5 nights a week...and eat out the other 2). And Chris!?!?!

pinkmommy said...

Oh my goodness! I love those pics! Too cute!

My mom did the same thing. After I got married, the hubby had to teach me how to cook EVERYTHING. My first lesson was how to brown hamburger meat! I thought I was big stuff when I did it on my own!

Hillary said...

I LOVE the pictures!!!!!!

Caroline said...

I love the pictures of Kelly!!!!