Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy 32 Mr. Martin!

Today is my son's 32 birthday! He is a fifth-grade teacher in Texas and we are very proud of him! I think he is a wonderful teacher!
He and Carrie, a third-grade teacher, will be married this summer in Texas.
Chris always loved Star Wars and had every figure that ever came out! I still have a big box of all of his Star Wars stuff and hope someday his children will be able to play with them and enjoy them as much as he did!

I remember exactly what I was doing 32 years ago today! Because Kelly was a C-section baby, Chris was planned to come the same way. My parents came down to keep Kelly (hubby's parents were living overseas at the time). The day before I had Chris, I went to the beauty shop and had my hair done.... I was going to be prepared this time!! I checked into Baylor Hospital in Dallas and they did blood work, etc. and then my whole family went out to dinner!

The next morning I was scheduled for a 7:30 surgery and delivery. But some girl came in with an emergency C-section with twins so we were pushed back on our original time a little. But finally at 9:15 a.m. Chris was born and weighed 8lb. 10 oz.! I always wondered what he would have weighed if we hadn't scheduled his birth because he was two weeks early! Big ol baby!!

He was born on his aunt Kathy's birthday (see post below). Chris was a wonderful delightful funny little boy and guess what??? He still is!! Dad and I love you lots Chris! Happy Birthday!


Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Chrissy!!!!!!

The Garners said...

Have a great day, Chris! Cute pictures!

Leigh Ann said...

You and Mr. Steve sure have a beautiful family! I can't believe Chris is 32. When I met Kelly, he was still in high school!!!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed these pictures and always enjoyed sharing the same birthday as chris--there hasn't been a March 12th that I've known him that I haven't thought about him! Happy Birthday!
Oh, I wasn't sure what grade he taught--5TH GRADE! Mr. Hanna must have had an impact on him, when I read that he taught 5th grade I thought that was neat because didn't he just love his 5th grade teacher Mr. Hanna?! I know I did.