Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lovely Day/ Busy Day

I had a lovely lunch today with several friends. We ate (of course), talked and laughed for several hours until we decided we better be on our way! I am the second from the left in line here in the picture. It will take a wide-angle lens to picture me after today because I sampled two kinds of cake for lunch today!! (And wait till I tell you what I ate tonight)
After I left this fun-loving group, it was on to the church where we cooked dinner for 50 people who were coming to an Executive Board meeting of our local association. I was too busy to take pictures but we had a nice dinner before the meeting and everything turned out well.

I will surely be "on the wagon" tomorrow because tonight I had a delicious of warm sweet potato pie with whipped cream! It was delicious!


Leigh Ann said...

Sounds like a fun, yummy day! Just the kind of day I like!

Kelly said...

Where did ya'll eat lunch?
Sounds like a fun day!!!

Anonymous said...
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