Monday, March 3, 2008

Pray for MacKenzie

This beautiful young teenage girl is MacKenzie. This is a picture of her at the airport last year when we went to Romania. She is in our church and a delightful girl to be around. Right now she is in Children's Hospital in Little Rock. She was helping clean up after the tornado came through our area a couple of weeks ago and got a nail in her foot. Staph set in and she's been in the hospital pretty much every day since. They are trying to find what is causing all her pain and she needs our prayers. Her parents are precious people and they need our prayers also, as you can imagine. Please remember MacKenzie when you pray! Thank you very much.


Megan said...

I'm adding her to prayer list tonight.

The Garners said...

Goodness--this makes me hurt just to read about it! I'll be praying for her.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Judy,

Kenz has been here since Thursday night and when I went to see her at lunch today, she was very homesick. She was very sad that she missed all the snow at home. While we had snow here in LR, she never got to see any of it. She asked her boyfriend Shane to get a snowball and put in it the freezer for her.
Amy Wallace

Laura said...

We are here in Little Rock, on staff with FamilyLife. If there is anything the family needs, please get a hold of me and let me know. We would be more than happy to bring them a meal, etc. We will definitely be praying.