Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Engagement Party......"The Perfect Pear"

These are pictures made last Saturday evening at the party honoring Chris and Carrie's engagement given by several of Carrie's parents' friends. The theme of pears was everywhere and we had lots to eat, games were played indoors and outdoors and fun was had by all!

Steve, Chris , Carrie, her sister, Claire and her husband William played Bocce Ball. Sort of like horseshoes, only you throw balls.

The dog watched the game with great interest!

Later that evening we all went downtown Corpus Christi for the big annual Buckaneer Days parade. It was so funny! All kinds of bands, clubs, floats and odd people were in the parade!
All the pictures I made at the parade were not very good...something with the night lights...but there were many gala floats with girls in very elaborate costumes. We had a great time watching the parade. Steve said (for you local people) that it looked like Corpus Christi Turkey Trot!!


Leigh Ann said...

Chris and Carrie look so happy! Was that dessert with the chocolate roses topped with strawberries a cake? That looked amazing!

LOVE YOU A GOOGLE... said...

Those pictures all look great. The food looks amazing! What a cute couple. Thanks for sharing.