Friday, May 23, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

This is my Dad in North Ireland in 1942. He fought for his country and served almost 3 years in a German prison camp. He died on July 4, 2006. We thought it was highly appropriate that he died on our Nation's Independence Day.

This is what Memorial Day is all about to me! God bless our men and women who are serving right at this very moment all over the world for our freedom. May we NEVER forget!


Jessica said...

Thank you for being so sweet! : )

The Garners said...

What a wonderful picture of him!

Leigh Ann said...

I can't imagine a German prison camp. I am so thankful for your Dad and all the other brave men (including my Derek) and women that have fought for our freedom. I love that picture of your dad. I know you must be so proud!