Saturday, May 10, 2008

Week-End Work

This is a picture of two of our three Boys. They all got haircuts at the kennel this past week-end when we were out of town. They look so much better and they seem to have gotten a little pep- in- their- step from their grooming! They don't look much like Westies when their hair is so short but they are much easier to take care of during the summer with shorter hair.
Hubby came home yesterday evening and decided to cut off some low limbs on a cedar tree on our property. I love to watch him with his chain saw because he LOVES to work out on our property. That is relaxing to him!

Of course the dogs love to get out and run around and see what their Daddy is up to! They are his best helpers!
Both the dogs love to follow along or ride the four-wheeler! It has rained nearly all day today so there was no "farm work" done this afternoon. This morning we rounded up all the Boys and took them to get their annual rabies/Parvo shots at the fire station in our neighborhood. The Boys were so excited because they haven't seen that many dogs at one time!

But they have their shots renewed for another year and I am so happy to get that accomplished on a Saturday when their Dad is here to help! Three on a leash is a little hard for me to handle!


Sarah said...

I love posts with your sweet doggies' pictures! Our dogs are the same way...after they are groomed, they seem to "know" how cute they look and prance around for days!

Kelly said...

Hope you didn't get hit with the storms!!!!!
The boys look great!

Leigh Ann said...

I hope you had a fantastic Mother's Day!