Monday, August 11, 2008

Thrifty Finds

One of my favorite decorator blogs I read frequently is Southern Hospitality. Rhonda blogged recently about showing your favorite "thrifty find". Just so happens I found a real deal the other day when we were shopping for paint for the deck.

I have these dormer lights in one of my upstairs guest bedrooms. I found these new little silk, fully-lined shades that normally sale for $6.00 each on sale for 60 cents each! And they just happen to be the EXACT color of my walls! So naturally I had to get them!

What a deal! I could not pass these up!
The color (sort of a sage green) matched everything in the room!
This is an old antique bed that belong to my parents. The table to the right of the bed in an old antique sewing machine with a carved top that covers it. To the left is an old bentwood rocker that my husband bought me when my son was born. I would like him to have it someday to rock his children ......hint, hint. (They just got home from their rush intended!!)
On the other side of the room is the antique rocker that matches the bed and a little armoire that I bought years ago. I have very old pictures of my grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and uncles on the wall. The antique radio that barely shows in the dormer in the first picture was my parent's radio the first year they married (1945). Everything in this room is pretty old!

The room is open to visitors, so anytime you want to come to the country to visit, just let me know!


Natalie said...

What a beautiful room!! It looks so inviting!

Caroline said...

oh girl i am loving your colors!!!!!!!!!! and that bed....oh i love family furniture so much!!!!! I am so glad you got the shades for so cheap!!!!! WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!

Becky said...

Now you can't bet that deal! WOW!! I love your room it looks so warm and inviting. I love the radio, it reminds me of my Papa and Grandma's radio they had when I was a little girl. Please come over to my blog, I need your help with something.

Kristin said...

I guess I am classified as a "lurker"- I do not have a blog of my own (at least not yet!). I really enjoy reading your blog. Your home is so warm and inviting! I love this guest room!

Jacquie said...

I love that room... and those lamp shades are too cute! You always do such a good job arranging pictures and accessories. Your armoires are my favorites!!!

MiMi said...

Now THAT'S a thrifty find! I love deals like that! Isn't that so much fun when they match your room exactly. I love the pictures of your room and that bed looks so inviting. I would love to visit one day.

The Garners said...

What a neat room full of sentimental pieces. It does look very inviting!

Leigh Ann said...

I could totally be at home in that room. I LOVE everything about it!

April said...

Hi Judy,

Yes, I am now a blogger! I've thought about trying it for awhile now, but I really became inspired when I read your and Kelly's blogs. Wow! You two really impress me with your creativity. I'm still in the learning process and will be for a LONG time.

Thanks for the kind remarks about Mom. She was so special to me and she's on my mind every single day.

Take care and I'll be in touch!


Julie said...

I love love love this room!!! I loved the bed. Where did you get the bedding. It is just perfect colors!! I'm glad you showed us this room. I love the history in this room.