Sunday, September 14, 2008

Children's Home Miracle

Yesterday Hubby and I went to South Arkansas for the dedication ceremony for the newest housing for the Arkansas Baptist Children's Home. The picture above is the main office and a very old building on campus.

We have been anxiously awaiting this important event for many months now. The gifts of countless number of people all over have made this new home for homeless children possible.

The results of the generosity is the modern-up-to-date home for these precious children to live in. Each has their own room and bathroom. Children who have not had anything but sorrow in their life can now live in peace and privacy. The houseparents have their own apartment too inside the home.

This is the new house for the younger children. It houses 8 little girls on one side with houseparents and 8 little boys on the other side with their houseparents.
Each little girl (and boy also, but I am just showing the girls) has their own decorated bedroom , closet and bathroom.
This is the spacious living area with large kitchen table and very nice kitchen in the background.

I have tons of other pictures of the boy's side and their rooms too but you get the general idea. It is just a fabulous place and I pray each children who lives there will feel safe, secure and mostly, loved by the Lord who made this all possible!

Last, but certainly not least, here's Hubby standing on the scripture sidewalk outside the prayer garden at the Children's Home. Our church sponsored this( as well as many other churches in the state )as our support to the Children's Home...financially and prayerful support as well!

Today is Hubby's 60th birthday! He finally caught up to me.....he doesn't let me forget that! I met him when we were 20 years old and juniors in college so I guess that means we've been together for 40 years now! He is the man God picked out just for me then and he still is !!

Happy Birthday Steve.....Grow old along with me...the BEST is Yet to be!! I love you!


The Garners said...

The pictures of the children's home brought tears to my eyes. That is an amazing ministry. The bedrooms look so precious for the little girls.

And Happy 60th Birthday to Bro. Steve!!!!

Mandi said...

What a beautiful place for these sweet children to live! Oh, how they desperately need and deserve it!

Jennifer said...

Thank you very much for sharing the pictures. It looks like such a warm and inviting place. I am sure that the children will enjoy every minute of it as they deserve it. Happy Birthday to your husband.

April said...

How great that you and Steve got to be part of the dedidation of the children's home. It looked like a warm and welcoming place...HOME. Congratulate Steve on his 60th birthday!! May it be a day filled with joy and moments he'll always remember. Give him my best!!

Kelly said...

It looks really nice!!!!!!

Jacquie said...

I loved the pictures... I'm so glad they designed it so impressively, rather than sort of scrimping. Those kids deserve it.

When Steve was showing the photos in church tonight, I thought I may not be called to go to a foreign country, but I SOOOO could go be a house-parent at one of these homes!!

chickadee said...

that looks great. i'm glad your trip went well. the girls' room is precious.

Heather K said...

So this children's it an orphanage by another name? In the US? It's very pretty and looks so warm and inviting especially for the children that you mentioned! But I am surprised to see an orphanage in your country! Am I mixed up about this?

Leigh Ann said...

It looks wonderful. I am so thankful these children now have such a wonderful place to call home.

MiMi said...

What a wonderful Children's Home! That little girl's room is so precious. I am so thankful that those children will have such a wonderful place to call home.

Hope Steve had an awesome 60th birthday!

Rachel said...

I'm so glad that you got to go and be a part of that special day. The children's home means so much to me because my mom was born in the MO Baptist Children's home. These homes make an eternal difference in the lives of the children who live there! I also go to church with Ms. Mary Lou (and Bro Cary, too) so we are fortunate to get many updates on the homes as well.

Good luck on your mission trip!