Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Flowers of our World

No matter where in the world I have roamed, I am always taken back by the beautifulness of the flowers and foliage of the country. Nicaragua was no exception. The country is green and lush with tropical weather and much vegetation. Flowers were everywhere and I just wanted to share a little of what I enjoyed so much. The little flowers in in dish above were placed in our bathroom in the hotel. They will never know how much I loved that!
This beautiful arrangement of tops of live flowers was on the coffee table in the foyer of the hotel.

When you stepped out of our room of the hotel, this was the outdoor garden. Everything was open to the outside. If you look real closely in the picture above, you will see bananas growing on the tree to the right.

This was an arrangement of fresh flowers on the table at the hotel.
No matter how poor the neighborhood in Nicaragua, the people had beautiful flowers growing in their yards. This plant above was across from where we set up our medical clinic one day. If you could see the house where this plant grew, you would cry. But the beauty of nature is a comfort to the people, I'm sure. It certainly gave me joy!
We were walking down the street and I peered into the lobby of a "fancy" hotel and walked in and took this picture of the amazing arrangement of native flowers. Is this not breathtaking?
I wonder if the deer in my yard would eat all these exotic flowers for lunch like they do my little day lilies??


Megan said...

Wow! Some of these flowers remind me of ones I saw in Maui.

Kelly said...

I was just about to say the same thing as Megan - those flowers remind me of Hawaii. Tropical places have the BEST flowers!

Sharmin said...

Those flowers are beautiful! Mom said you would cry a little and laugh a little at the circumstances of the people you saw.

The Garners said...

These are all beautiful. I love love love flowers of all kinds!

Jacquie said...

Those flowers are beautiful! I would've raided that banana tree myself!!!

Harris Family said...

I love all of your flower pics. They we remind me of the beautiful places we have been around the world. They also remind me of God's beauty and greatness. I hope your trip was amazing!

Jessica said...

What gorgeous flowers!! Such a pretty paintbrush our creator uses! : )

Than you for the advice. It was rock-solid!! Jesus is first. You have raised two fabulous kids, so I know this advice has worked! God bless you!

Soldier in Training said...

What pretty flowers--great photos!