Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pre-Baby visit

Last night hubs and I went over to see the kids. I think we are trying to time ourselves to see just how quickly we can drive over....just getting some practice in before the BIG EVENT!!

Hubs and Scott took in the Arkansas vs. Texas game which turned out to be a really great game! Arkansas BEAT Texas 67 to 61!!!! This is the second big upset at Walton Arena in the past week since Arkansas BEAT Oklahoma last Tuesday night! WOOOOOO PIG SOOOIE!

But as for Kelly and myself, this is what our evening looked like : PJ's, The Biggest Loser and watching Dawson snooze on the couch!!

And we are still waiting...............!


Mandi said...

Kelly looks SO cute in her PJs with her feet propped up. I'm so glad you got in some good Mother-Daughter time before Harper arrives.

Andrea said...

Judy, I read kellys blog every day and always stop in to check yours - you are going to be the best grandmother ever! So excited for your family. God Bless!

Vashti said...

How cute is Dawson?!!! I also love the Biggest loser but we are a couple of seasons behind you guys! South Africa makes rubbish TV so they import all of your best shows, it just means that we are behind. I dont care though!
You must all be so excited waiting for Harper to get here. I am praying for you all at this time.
God Bless.

April said...

Hi Judy!

Just wanted to wish you all well with the upcoming arrival of Baby Harper! I know you all must be beside yourselves with excitement! I'll say a prayer that Kelly has a smooth (and quick!) delivery. Take good care and I'll be waiting to hear the wonderful news that she's finally arrived. You and Steve will be such wonderful grandparents!!!

Becky said...

I don't know who looks the most relaxed~ Kelly or Dawson!!! I have been thinking about you guys all day. Over the weekend both of my girls ask if Kelly had had the baby. Isn't it funny that both my girls and myself feel like we know you guys!!!

I'm tickled pink ( I mean) red over the hogs victory!!!

Before you go to the hospital you have to take a second to blog us guys and just say "gone to hospital" since we are all on pins and needles.

Jennifer said...

After I read Kelly's blog last night and saw that your guys were in for the game, I got nervous thinking that you might pull into your driveway and your cell phone would ring and Kelly would be in labor!

I agree with Becky. Just a little note saying "Headed to NWA", or "Stork Has Landed" or "About to be a Grandma" would be helpful for those of us who are waiting, oh so not patiently!!

Jenna said...

What a fun night! And how cute is that little momma sitting there watching TV. Love it!

Glad ya'll were able to hang out pre-baby! Can't wait to read that ya'll are hanging out POST-baby! :-)

Kelly said...

I'm pretty sure I'm mad at you for putting my picture on here in my XL wal-mart pj's. ha!

Kayla said...

I LOVE that picture of Kelly and Dawson!! It will definitely bring back memories when she sees it in the future!!

I am SO proud of those Hogs!! Oh, that was a great game!!!

Jacquie said...

Fun girl's night! Biggest Loser was interesting, wasn't it? I felt so sorry for the old man!! That was hard to watch.

I guess y'all are keeping the gas tanks full, right??

Heather said...

Wooooooooo PIG SOOIE!!! What a great game! We had a blast watching it! I'm sayin' that stork is IN FLIGHT!!!
OH- and I saw Kelly's comment about the PJ's and I am saying "Whatever, crazy girl!" She looks adorable!

In His Army said...

Oh, I just can't wait!!!! That's funny about timing the drive! I remember how mom and dad were on edge and everytime I'd call home for the last month before babies were born she would pick up and instead of hello she'd say, "Are you on you way?"...or "Headed to the hospital?"..or "Are you in Labor?"...etc! I bet everytime Kelly calls you you jump and hope it's "the call"

kate said...

have you packed your bag?
I'm happy to hear that Kelly is packing hers...which means you need to pack yours! You know you wont want to leave the area once Harper makes her arrival...:)

many prayers...k8

Morris Family said...

It looks like you had some great mother-daughter won't be able to do that before long!!

MiMi said...

Shouldn't be long now!!

Praying for you and your family!