Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Series of "Firsts"

    When a child is born.........so are grandmothers!           --Judith Levy                                                   


I am home after three weeks of being on the biggest roller coaster ride of my life!  I think of the first line of a famous novel that begins "It was the best of times; it was the worst of times" and that just describes the birth of my sweet grandbaby, Harper.

I will never forget those words spoken by the NICU doctor the night she was born explaining  she was in critical condition and might not live through the night if we didn't rush her by helicopter to a larger NICU in another state.  We were in shock, to say the least.

But I do have to say we had this peace amid the horrible news.  I can't explain it, nor do I feel I have to because if you know Him, you know how that works!

Throughout our ordeal in Tulsa we always felt God's hand at work.  The doctors, nurses and the people who came to minister to us all during this time were just beyond explanation and truly God-sent!

In the past three weeks I have had many things happen to me for the FIRST time:

 1.  I became a grandmother!
 2. I was in the room with someone who was in labor.  ( We all were not there for delivery, thank goodness....I couldn't have stood around and watched my daughter hurt!)
 3. I had never been in a NICU unit.  I had been to one when one family in our church had a baby and we visited them.  However, I had never been inside the unit.
 4.  I had never heard of St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa.
 5.  I had never "set up housekeeping" for weeks in a waiting room.
 6.  I have never been or slept in a Ronald McDonald House.  What an experience!
 7.  I have never stayed in 4 different hotels in one city by myself.
 8. I have not washed my hands 100 times a day as we did every time we went inside the NICU 
     to see our baby Harper.
 9. I have never been so happy to have a conference with our baby's wonderful doctor who told   
     us the truth and exactly what was happening.  How we appreciated him!  Dr. Michael Gomez 
     was the best doctor the Lord could provide!
10. I have never experienced the love that I felt the first time I laid my eyes on our new baby
      Harper!   It another one of those unexplainable moments!


kate said...

congrats to the best first...spending Valentine's with her and a very healthy, happy heart!

hugs from OK! kate

Laurie said...

I loved reading this. You are a wonderful grandmother and you have been so helpful to Kelly. Harper looks JUST LIKE Kelly did!

julie & joe said...

Beautiful photo of you and Harper! Grandmothers are wonderful. We burried one of my grandmothers the day that Harper was born. I was blessed to have her in my life and to live just a few blocks from her and saw her almost every day when I was a child. Grandmothers teach children so much.


KK said...

I am so very thankful for so many answered prayers for your entire family.
Congratulations, your GRANDdaugther is absolutely beautiful.
Take good care & blessings to all of you always,
Matthew 21:22

Becky said...

Nonny and her girl. I love it!!! I know you are overwhelmed to say the least at all your firsts! I know I would be. You guys have been through so much.......and your faith is so strong! I admire your family so much.

The love you feel for Harper is unexplainable isn't it. Everytime I see or even think about those grands of ours I still get that feeling. It's amazing.

Just want you to know I have talked about Harper so much, that everyday whether I see my mom or just talk to her on the phone....she ALWAYS ask how Harper is doing.

So glad you're home and kinda back to a normal life. Just know, we are still praying for your family everyday.

chickadee@afamiliarpath said...

i'm so glad you have many more wonderful firsts ahead of you!

The Garners said...

You have had such a wild few weeks! I know your help and comfort and support have been SO important for Kelly & Scott during this time. I've been thinking about you all so much. I pray that everything will settle down now, and you can enjoy the grandmother part! It was probably strange to be away from home for that many days in a row. I bet Bro. S and the puppies were glad to have you home!

Kayla said...

I love this post! It is so amazing that throughout this entire experience, you guys do nothing but give God the glory in what He has done! LOVE IT!!! You guys are still in my prayers. Next time you see that precious Harper, give her lots of hugs and kisses for me!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

I am still amazed at this precious little girl and how the events of her life have impacted so many people who do not even know her personally. God is so awesome and has truly blessed your family in so many ways. He put a lot on your plate, but always gave each of you just the right amount of strength to deal with the situation. What a beautiful picture of Nonny with her sweet Harper!! I have cried many tears over Harper (both happy and sad) and I feel like you all are part of our family. What an inspiration you all have been to so many of us in the blogging world. I look forward to watching Harper grow up on your family blogs. Love & blessings from NC!

Jennifer said...

I'm so thankful the last 3 weeks were just the beginning of "firsts" with Sweet Harper!

Mandi said...

I LOVE this photo of you and Harper!

I'm so glad God chose to work in Harper's life the way He did. She is beautiful and such a blessed little girl to be surrounded by so much love.


MiMi said...

I know that this has been such an emotional roller coaster for you, but well worth the ride! I feel like the entire blogging world has been along for the ride with you and I just rejoice at all the miracles that God has performed in little Harper's life!

She is absolutely beautiful, as I knew she would be, and she is so blessed to be born into such a wonderful family.

So glad that you are home now and I am expecting lots of pictures of that beautiful little "first" in your life!

Congratulations, Nonny!

Amanda said...

I am so happy that sweet little Harper is home and doing so well! I know you must be happy to be home, although I am sure you miss Kelly and Harper! I am still praying for her everyday!

Twice as Nice said...

Harper is such SWEETNESS!! We know Harper has the BEST grandparents (on both sides) in the world. Enjoy :o)
Praise God.

Karen said...

I'm sure you are glad to be home but you know that Harper is being taken good care of so that makes it easier. As I read your list of first it all sounds overwhelming the weeks you have been thru. I'm so thankfully that God healed little Harpers body & Kelly/Scott were able to take her home. Isn't being a grandmother so wonderful? Harbor is my first grandchild too. So being a grandmother for the first time is new for me too. But I'm loving seeing Jessica as a mother & watching Harbor grow. Best wishes Judy as we take this journey down the road of "grandma-hood" together ha!! Karen Barnes= Jessica M's mommy

Brenda Sessions said...

Sis. Judy,
Aren't we blessed to be first time "GRANDPARENTS"!!!
Now that life is so GRAND.....can't wait to see what blessings lie ahead for us.

Gavin's Mama said...

So happy for you all... what an experience! Glad Harper and family are home and well...

Morris Family said...

You are very welcome for your award!! You have the cutest little grandbaby Harper!! She is sure to be spoiled!!

In His Army said...

Oh, Judy, what a wonderful Grandmother you are and will be! I am so thankful Harper is home. She is a doll!

Anonymous said...

I love how you refer to her as "our baby". It's like how Nathan calls Lia his baby. I guess I could say that cute little baby of yours is "our Harper" meaning the one we prayed for, believed for and rejoice with. Your a super grandma! Love, Laura M.

Heather said...

I love this! Harper is amazing and I am so thankful for all God is doing and has done! I know Kelly is ready for you to get back up there!!!!! I teared up when I read on her blog that you had gone home....remembering how I felt when my mom left after Connor was born. It is so bittersweet to find yourself all alone with your baby!!!

Pigtails & Pearls said...

I love your blog, and have been keeping up with you and Kelly!! Your NICU post was amazing. I was there with my sweet baby Chloe for 2 weeks, and they told me it would be much longer, as well! She is fixing to be 2 years old on Sunday, and I know that you will blink your eyes, and you will be celebrating Harper's 2nd birthday! Congratulations Nonny!

Jenna said...

Nonny, I just love you and I loved this post! So glad that girly girl is doing well and you are back home. I know your help was invaluable that sweet daughter of yours, and I am amazed at all God has done in your family these past weeks. He is SO good!

Enjoy being back home and have a safe trip back to be with Harper on her FIRST Valentine's Day! I'm not sure a more adorable, loveable Valentine can be found in all the land. :-)

JCWillow99@gmail.com..( Cassie) said...

Congrats...u did good grandma..
I hope someday I will know the joy of being a grandma too.
She is a beautiful baby.

Lauren Kelly said...

Harper is too precious and you're going to make an awesome Nonny :o) We love you and so glad sweet Harper is home where she belongs!!!

miss shortcake said...

I'm so, SO happy that you will have the chance for many more "firsts" with your granddaughter!

Fran said...

Oh I just love reading this. I love it because it just oozes love for your family. I was on the phone tonight with a fellow friend and blogger and we were talking about that sweet Harper and just thanking God for working through her innocent little life and bringing people to Christ. WOW. Just like Him, huh?

Praying for you all still. She is simply beautiful and you are glowing!

Hugs and blessings,

Gram said...

I love reading your blog. I am also a first time Grandmother - "Gram" and am loving every minute of it.