Thursday, January 28, 2010

Charleston, South Carolina In A Day

This morning Hubs and I drove north from Savannah to Charleston, South Carolina for the day.

We discovered really quick that we could have been there for three days and still have lots to look at.
We loved this city!

I am posting just a sample of the things we saw today.  What a great place to visit if you love history!

This is the Joseph Manigault historical house we visited when we first got to Charleston. It was built in 1803 and is a Federal-style architecture.

I am standing in the garden gate where you enter the gardens at the house.

Here's the door that leads to the street from the garden gate shown above.

The house was lovely and filled with a collection of American, English and French furnishings.

This was the entry way of the house and the free-standing stairway to the upstairs.

We saw some of the most beautiful pieces of furniture today in the two houses we toured.  I love the
big pieces.....but you need very tall ceilings for these to fit!

Some flowers were in bloom although it is still cold weather.  I can't imagine how beautiful the city would be in the spring/summer season when all the flowers are in bloom.

Another one of my favorite places to visit are graveyards....especially really old ones!  And Charleston has some very old graveyards that are usually found next to the church.  I love to read the tombstones and especially if they have writing on them in addition to the name, birth and death status.  Very interesting!

This is the oldest Baptist Church in the south.

I loved the old keyhole in the door.  It must take a HUGE key to open this old door!

Here's another of my favorite doors!

The second house we toured today was the Heyward-Washington House, home of Thomas Heyward, signer of the Declaration of Independence.  The house was built in 1772.

This was the kitchen out back of the house in a separate building.  This was in the "laundry room".
I imagine they not only did laundry in this pot but it was big enough to bathe in too!!

This is one of my favorite pictures that I made today.  Of course, you know what these are!
So, girls, would you like to sit these by the fireplace and let 'em get red-hot and then iron all afternoon?
You would have some firm upper arms, I bet!!

Most of these huge houses have gardens and this home had a formal 18th century garden that was beautiful even without many flowers in bloom.

There were many cobblestone streets.

We saw this pole while we were waiting for the trolley to pick us up.  Totally tacky....urban.....but funny too!  Hubs called it a "sweet gum" tree.   People had stuck their gum all over the street lamp pole.

Got some gum you want to get rid of?????


The Niemeyer Nest said...

My husband and I both graduated from the College of Charleston. I felt so blessed to live in such a beautiful, Holy city for 4 years. It was wonderful - good food, wonderful weather, pretty things, and the beach! We'd go back in a heartbeat! Glad you had fun. Where did you eat? I have lots of favorites: Vickery's, Andolini's, Magnolia's, Poogan's Porch. YUMMY - you are making me want to go back to visit.

Beth McC. said...

My brother and sister in law live in Charleston and I love it! I love to go there from Nashville adn put on my tennis shoes and just walk around amongest all of those amazing houses!! Have fun and enjoy!

Jacquie said...

That's MY kind of vacation!! I know you wouldn't want a tag-along, but you and I like so many of the same things... I'd have a blast with you!! ha!!

Tomorrow the Pastor's Conference starts, right??

Carol and I finished up work late today... the weather is not looking good! It's been sleeting/freezing rain her for a few hours.

Casey said...

I have never commented before but I have been following Kelly's blog since Harper was born! I live in Charleston and I am so glad you loved our city! Hope you can come back when you have more time!!

Kelley said...

Day 2 and another favorite city of mine! Our goddaughter lives in Charleston and when we planned her baptism brunch last year we did everything remotely and could not have had a better result! The people of Charleston are just as lovely as their faith-filled city. I can't wait to see the other sights on your journey!

Aunt Rhody said...

Thanks for the tour. Never been to Charleston, but I feel smarter from reading your post. Are those camellias?

Sara Campbell said...

Not sure the gum will last 200 years like the houses did!

Love Being a Nonny said...

Oh gosh...Charleston is one of my favorites too! We spent our 25th wedding anniversary there. We stayed at #2 meeting Street...look it up! It's an Inn down near the water. Can you say fabulous?

I don't need to tell you to have a special time with each other.

sanjeet said...

I like so many of the same things... I'd have a blast with you!

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Heather O'Dell said...

I am loving your posts of Savannah and Charleston, two of my favorite cities. I grew up 50 miles from Savannah and my husband and I met at Charleston MFUGE! Hope you are enjoying your time in the south!

Lauren Kelly said...

How fun and soooo beautiful!!! :)

Ann's Page said...

My husband and I were stationed in Charleston .It was our first duty station.I loved it and still do. I worked for a catering company and made daily deliveries to the bigger companys in downtown. I love this city and it's people, if you get a chance to go over and see any of the Islands it is beautiful over that way also..


April said...

I LOVE Charleston, Judy! It's the perfect Southern city! You know, Chris graduated from The Citadel there? Did you get to visit it? Talk about a breathtaking place!

Todd and Courtney said...

I'm so glad you got to visit Charleston. That is where my dad grew up and his parents still live there. We have cousins at Isle of Palms and Sullivan's Island. It's so pretty in the spring. Perhaps you can go again :) Beautiful photos. You're a great photographer!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are great and makes me want to travel to S.C. Hope you and your husband are having a wonderful time.

Chelsea & Nick said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I really think that sweet Harper looks JUST like you in that picture. I have really enjoyed reading your families' blogs over the last year or so. I don't know your daughter-in-law Carrie personally, but I used to be a teacher in Dallas so we know several people in common. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend and a blessed Sunday.

Jessica's Joys! said...

Isn't it amazing! I am currently living in Charleston and loving every minute of it! My great uncle was the pastor at the Baptist Church and my great aunt still attends every Sunday. I love going to church with her, next time yall come to town you must attend a service! It is amazing! I am soo glad you loved the Holy City, one of my favorite things to do is walk around the city and go on home tours! I am pretty sure I have been on each one at least twice! Hope you can come back and visit again soon! Love reading your blog, you have such a sweet family!

Julie said...

I am so jealous! I have always wanted to visit Charleston and the surrounding historical areas! Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Sara Lynn said...

I live in Charleston and am so glad you got to enjoy our city. I actually used to go to First Baptist Church School and the inside of the church is just GORGEOUS!

Nina said...

Beautiful pictures and a beautiful place. I have never been but would like to some day.

I just wrote on Kelly's blog and thought I would share with you too. My friend Sonia is now in Haiti with World Vision helping out. Well, she is right now in the Dominican on her way to Haiti. I grew up with her and her twin sister and her four brothers. Both of her parents are preachers and so there is lots of love in that family. Sonia just started a blog to tell about her time and help in Haiti. Her blog address is: I hope Kelly sees my comment too.

Hope you are well. :)

Leigh Ann said...

How cool! That really is the "First" Baptist Church, huh? Love that. Looks like an amazing time. I love all those big pieces of furniture, too, especially the one with the arched top! Beautiful! So glad you are having a wonderful vacation!

Jerri said...

Found your blog through a blog and yes we LOVE a matter of fact have spent a bit of time there lately as our only daughter will be getting married in May at Magnolia Plantation...we are so excited...also made a trip to Savannah as that is where our wedding planner is from...what a beautiful place as well.