Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Age Discrimination

I've always had a good least I DID have a good memory...not so much these days as in the past!

I remember many things that happened in my early childhood days.  I especially remember being in
elementary school and eating in the school cafeteria.  Remember getting your daily milk in those little
glass bottles?

Back in those days the cooks in the cafeteria really cooked food and you weren't served frozen corndogs and pudding out of a can.     I digress.....

Anyway, I distinctly remember sitting in the school cafeteria and watching the BIG kids.....the 6th graders line up for lunch.  In my mind, they were "old".

Fast forward to being a freshman/sophomore in high school.  We didn't have much interaction with the Seniors!  They were so much more worldly and older than us!

Then I remember being in college in the 60's and the battle cry was "Don't trust anyone over the age
of 30" !!

So being older seems to be defined by your own personal view of what "old" looks like.   Usually it
it 15 years older than what ever age you happen to be at the present time.  That's a good rule of thumb!

This week, in our state newspaper's letters to the editor, a woman ( and I trust she was a VERY YOUNG woman) wrote a letter stating that people over the age of 60 should NOT be able to drive!

She even calls us "elderly".......that hurt!

I had to have a great laugh over this letter and this woman's (girl, I imagine) perspective on how
a 60 -year-old can barely function!

I am hoping to read a letter from an elderly 60-year-old soon as a rebuttal to her letter.

In the meantime, I guess I will hang up the keys to my car to spare all the younger people the
horror of seeing me behind the wheel !


Susie from Bienvenue said...

Oh my word! I thought 30 was old... then I turned 30.
40 seemed to far away till I met up with it in Dec.Not so bad so far...I just have to remind myself it's all a state of mind. ((hugs)) and dont hang up those keys just yet! Harper needs her Nonnie to visit..ha!

Love Being a Nonny said...

True story: My father-in-law is 84. He talks about serving the senior citizens at his church!!! I PROMISE...he calls them the elderly!!!

From one Nonny to another

Meghan said...

Oh goodness! I am 24 years old and I am telling you to not hang up those keys! To me 60 years old should be a time you start driving alot. That is the time you are retired and ready to see the world and of course a time to see all those grandbabies

Melissa's Thoughts said...

You will have to let us know. However, I think you will agree that 16 year olds are much scarier that those old 60 yr olds. :)

Melissa Stover said...

i let 60 year olds drive around all the time. i hate to drive. i haven't been to your blog in a while and i love the design! i read you most of the time from my reader.

anm_2006 said...

Hahaha, 60 is not old! Pretty sure the beginner drivers in their teenage years are the ones we should be scared of.
I think it's safe to say that you can keep on driving. Let us know if there is another article in response.

-ashley :)

Diane said...

I know exactly how you feel! My son and DIL are close to a widow in their church. They often take her to church, shopping etc. and speak of her often. Since we live in different cities I've never met her, but kept hearing them talk about "Miss Edna, our elderly friend". One day I asked how old Miss Edna was - thinking probably 80 something. My DIL said 58! (I'm 62) Apparently I shot lighting out of my eyes, because they both stammered and tried to backtrack. My son said, "Mom, Miss Edna is 58 but acts 80. You're 62 and act 40." He may have been just trying to appease me, but I do think that can be. It is all how young we feel, and I plan to be young (and drive) a long time!

Love your blog and Harper is the cutest ever!

Cherit said...

60 is not old. I used to think it was funny hearing people's perspective on age. That was until I started getting older!! hehe

Our Family of 5 said...

I don't normally comment, but always have so much wisdom :) but, I think that article was written just to ruffle some feathers...really, what a joke!?

Kelley said...

I don't think 60 is old at all. The younger generation are the scary drivers. My dad is 72 and he goes to the nursing home to visit the "elderly." You are as old as you feel.

run26.2mom said...

After much thought I have decided....a person is not old until they find their face on a jar of Smuckers jelly with Willard Scott. Then maybe, just maybe, mass transportation should be considered.
Can not wait to hear the responses to that letter. Oh my!

Lisa said...

Have been reading your blog for a while, ever since Kelly linked to you several months ago. I love reading, your and Kelly's relationship reminds me so much of my own mom and me. I can feel the love you have for each other in your writing.
On the elderly note, I believe that 60 somethings are MUCH safer than all these teen and twenty years olds who "try" to drive and text and talk on the phone and who knows what else at the same time!
Don't take that young ones words to heart, and can't wait to hear the rebuttle, be sure and let us know!

Julie said...

That is the funniest thing! 60 isn't too old to drive. I hope not or my mom is in a bit of trouble!
I wonder how old the writer was.

Livi said...

I'll be turning 30 this year so everybody just HAS to be younger so that I will be too! ha! You're's all in your head. ~ By the way, thanks for the blog comment. :)