Monday, April 18, 2011

Surprises and Spring Decor

 This was the road to our house in January 2009.  I was in Tulsa at the time with Harper in the NICU.  I missed the Big Ice Storm (although it came to Tulsa first) but it was one of the worst storms our area has ever experienced.  We lost so many trees and there were huge limbs down EVERYWHERE!

Hubs has worked since then, as many people have, on clearing our land of all the fallen debris.  He has spent many hours cutting wood and burning wood.  But it has been an overwhelming job and we said back when it happened that it would probably take several years (if ever) for all the wood to be cut.

So since Hubs was out of town this past week for a mission conference in Tennessee, I decided to surprise him with a little project of my own!  All the while, hoping he wouldn't be too upset with me because he is a do-it-yourself kind of guy!

The day after he left for the conference, I hired someone to come out and help get some of the dead trees and limbs cleaned up between our house and his shop!  It was so interesting to watch that I spent most of the time upstairs looking out the window!  I would love to drive a bulldozer just one time!!

I had help keeping watch over the work being done.  Skipper was inside the front door watching the men work and Bobber was on the porch keeping an eye out for what was going on!!

Nothing escapes their watchful eyes!

Things looked much better when they left.  Hubs didn't get home till after midnight Saturday night from his flight into Little Rock so he didn't see anything in the dark.

He left for church around seven a.m. Sunday morning and we had a frost all over the car so he didn't notice it as he drove out toward town.

It wasn't until we got home from lunch after church that I finally told him "Go for a walk with me, I want to show you something!"

So we walked down the road to his shop and his mouth flew open!  He was very pleased and now I'm thinking of what else I can get away with!   har  har

I finally got out some "spring" decor to change the "winter" out of house even though I had this going this past week:

I woke up the other morning and I was soooooo cold and realized we had turned the heat off in our house.  But the temperature had dropped during the night down in the 40's and I was cold!
So I started the fireplace up and stood by it for awhile till I thawed out!

Here are some of my "Spring" decorations.  I love spring, don't you?  Just feel better all over when the sun is out and you can go outside without having three layers on!

Looking forward to a wonderful Easter week!
I've got two little Easter baskets of goodies to take to two sweet little girls!


Melissa Miller said...

Very pretty Judy. I like your traditional home decor style and all your spring decor' looks fabulous.

What a great surprise for your hubs. Wonderful!

Kelley said...

That is a fabulous surprise! Your land looks so pretty. My parents live in the country too. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!

Anonymous said...

What a thoughtful thing for you to do. Even those do-it-your-self types enjoy having help even if they say no.

Sharmin said...

Your spring decorations are beautiful. I just try to keep the Legos out of any centerpiece I try to put out.

We had a dozer come in last spring to finish cleaning up ice storm damage. It looks so much better, but we still have some branches falling that have been hanging in the trees.

If you're looking for a good Easter story we are doing our drama again at Salem First Baptist. It's 6pm Saturday night. It's very very moving.

Melissa said...

i do love spring...and when i take my Christmas things down, I immediately starting wanting to put spring out...but i wait (although i put mine out several weeks ago...LOL)

Brian and Sarah said...

This probably sounds like a crazy question, but do you know what color your paint is on the walls of the dining room? The goldish color? My parents have the same light fixture and table/chairs in their dining room, and I think that color would look just great!

His Doorkeeper said...

I am so sorry but I didn't write the color down but I think I got it at the Sherman-Williams paint store and I remember it was a Williamsburg Collection. It is a creamy yellowish. We painted it over 6 years ago and I've never gotten tired of it yet!

Brian and Sarah said...

That really does help! My hubby works for Sherwin Williams and I bet he can figure it out for me with those clues!! :) It looks just perfect with the light fixture and furniture!

Amanda said...

Hi Judy,
I posted your delicious blueberry muffins today! Thanks again for sharing.

Missy Schranz said...

You always have such a beautiful eye for decor! Wanna come and do our place? ha! Hope you have a great Easter!! Hugs, Missy