Saturday, May 28, 2011

Home Again and Rising Waters

Hubs got home safely late this afternoon!  Thank you Lord for a wonderful trip without many problems in travel this time!

As soon as he got home we made a quick trip around our area for him to see the flooding waters.
When we got up to the dam site, there were cars from Texas, Wisconsin and all states in between viewing the sites!

This is the very nice visitor's center that sits perched on a hillside overlooking the dam.

After leaving there, we drove down to Gaston's Resort where many people from all over come to stay and fish.  It is a beautiful place under normal circumstances.

Hubs has done a wedding in this gazebo.

There are still people here who are sand-bagging their property for fear of more flooding.

We are looking for some drier and warmer weather this week!

We will be most grateful!


Kelley said...

What a beautiful area! The water is really high. Hopefully this next week will be a warmer and drier one. Glad your husband had a safe trip.

Linda said...

So glad your hubby arrived home safely. But so sorry to see that some areas around you are flooding. Hoping the waters will recede soon. Weather issues sure have been affecting a lot of people lately!


Jen S. said...

So glad your husband made it home safely.
The flooding water is so scary. Where we grew up in ND, it is flooding right now too. I hear people there are sand-bagging. Sad thing is, it keeps raining.
All of this crazy weather is affecting so many areas.

Tara G. said...

Wow on the water. Glad your husband returned safely!!

Kelley said...

Hi Judy. I made my balloon wreath from a straw wreath with the plastic still on it. I used floral pins and balloons. Nothing was blown up. It was a really fun project for someone like me who isn't very creative. Thanks for noticing. I got the idea from a fellow blogger.