Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Modern Family (Yesteryear)

Tomorrow is Father's Day.  Normally I would probably make a post about my wonderful Daddy who was such a model father in the 50'-60's when I grew up.  He worked hard, was a faithful husband and loved his two girls more than anything! I never doubted that for a minute my whole life!

I still miss him. The 9th anniversary of his death is coming up on July 4th.  I can hardly believe he's been gone so long.  We love and miss you Pap-pa!

But this year, I wanted to show my love and appreciation for my children's father!  "Hubs" to me, "Dad" to my children and now, in the sweeter time of life, "Papa" to my grandchildren.

I think if you would ask my children, their Dad was a very involved father in their growing up years even though he worked long hours and had many responsibilities.

Just a few pictures(of course) to stroll down memory lane.........

I'm not sure who the skinny guy with all that dark hair is, but I let him hold my babies!!

Teaching Chris to fish.....Kelly looks like she is just going to have a "wait and see" attitude!

There's that guy again with the dark hair AND a dark moustache holding my kids again!

"Groovy" shorts kids!!

Now the dark hair is completely made a transformation to all-white!
They are in Texas visiting their grandparents!

One of our fun days.....visit to Graceland! That's Elvis's house in the background!

Hubs was always involved with what they were doing in college.Here's Kelly in "Tiger Tunes" at OBU!

And having supper at the "Salt Lick" with Chris at University of Texas in Austin.

At the airport to pick Chris up for Christmas vacation from school!

Showing the kids the land where Hubs would build our new house.

Of course,  you would have to ask our children, but I think they would tell you their Dad has always been special, always involved in their lives and always praying that God would bless them!

.........And you know what?  I believe with all my heart, he's going to make a Great Papa!
(He already is!)

Happy Father's Day Steve!

We all love you!


waikikimum said...

A beautiful tribute Judy. My husband is a great father too and I always tell him that is the greatest gift he can give his daughters to show them how a man is to behave.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

what a sweet, sweet post....
Happy Sunday to you

Kelly said...

I am very blessed to have the best dad in the world! I live him so much. But I think Harper might even live him more! (and Hollis will too!)
Happy Father's day!!

Alex and Jill said...

Such a sweet post to your hubby! Loved all of the pictures!

Kelly said...

Also - in that first picture - Hollis looks just like Chris!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

What a sweet post Mrs. Judy! Looking at Kellys outfits was like taking me down memory lane. We are about the same age (me a bit older) and I can so remember those days. Happy Fathers Day!!

Kelley said...

This is a precious post! What a beautiful tribute!

Kathy said...

Great post Judy. You and I were thinking along the same lines with our blogs. Loved all the pictures. Where oh where has the time gone.

Anonymous said...

What a remarkable man and a great tribute to him.
He was a tall drink of water! Kelly looks a lot like him and Chris looks a lot like you. My mom died 9 years ago this August 8 and I think of her daily

Jeanie said...

Happy Father's Day to Steve. He sounds wonderful! You re lucky to have each other!!

Nancy said...

I'm happy you posted!
Happy Father's Day to your hubby!

Linda said...

Dear Judy...what a great tribute to your hubby! I loved seeing all of these pictures.

You are a wonderful mom and grandma too. I am glad to be your blog friend.

Kansas wind is really howling this morning! We have two of our granddaughters with us for the week while they go to VBS. I know it will be a busy week...and I am loving it! Just praying I can keep up with them! ha!

Little Hollis may look like Kelly even more than Harper....with all of that dark hair. Your granddaughters are so beautiful.

Had to laugh at Steve's mustache. My hubby used to have a mustache and a beard for many years!

Love, Linda

Melissa's Thoughts said...

Such sweet things about your hubs. He looks like a keeper.

Jacquie said...

Loved this post! Of course, Steve has been just like a dad to me.

I laughed at the "shorts picture". But, what kind of hat is The Preacher wearing??

momofall said...

So very sweet Judy. I have a husband like that too. He is a wonderful father!! I can totally relate and am so glad that you posted this. I'm sure Steve is smiling great big about it.