Monday, April 23, 2012

Missions, Marriage and Museums

I had such a fast-paced but fun week-end that left me worn out but also left me with lots of sweet memories.

Saturday morning around five a.m. I took Steve to the airport to leave on a trip to Nicaragua.  It isn't what people usually think of as a "mission" trip.  He is teaching Old Testament to native pastors.  But there is a real mission here: to equip native pastors with seminary training while they are establishing churches.
Steve feels called to this and loves to teach these pastors.  He has so many stories of the sacrifices these men make to attend these classes.  The price is high. No monetary cost to them....just the sacrifice of their time but sometimes the sacrifice can be their very lives.  We,here in America, have a hard time understanding any personal sacrifice that would include our lives for the sake of the Gospel.

He will travel to India in July for two weeks to do that same thing and pastors there are sometimes under extreme persecution for their ministry. We need to lift these men up in our prayers and also pray for our country that our freedom is never taken for granted.

Of course, before he took off he got to spend a few hours with the girls he loves! Papa loves those girls!
  And I am not jealous that he has all these good-looking girls in his heart!!

Later Saturday morning Kelly hosted a wedding shower for our dear sweet Caroline! We had such fun! I've never known any bride-to-be to be filled with so much joy!

Robin and I are blessed with sweet daughters!

Melissa with her sweet new son Crew.

Two beautiful young mothers who know Caroline and Kelly through blogging drove in from Texas!
It was so nice to meet you Leslie and Kelly!

Caroline had a great shower and we are looking forward to her wedding in June!!

After the shower Kelly took me and the girls for a fun afternoon to tour the new Crystal Bridges Art Museum in their town.

There are no words to describe the beauty of the grounds of the museum.  It has a beautiful trail that you can walk and see plants and flowers of every kind and description.

I think in a few years, they will be pushing me!!

There is also some art work mixed in to the walking trail.  You see this tree.  Looks like an ordinary tree without any leaves.  I've got one in my own yard.  But this is a tree made of metal.

Can you see what is intertwined in the metal tree?  Look closely. Do you see the bike?

This is one of the wings of the museum.  It is a huge building with many different buildings.

From a  painting of George Washington by Charles Wilson Peale (circa 178-82)..... a teapot from China Rosie the Rivetor (1943) by Norman Rockwell a modern "Dolly Parton" (1985) by Andy Warhol

Crystal Bridges has something for everyone to see!

I am looking forward to going back with hubby one day soon (sans kids) and really get a good look at all the artwork.  Arkansas should be so very proud!

Thanks to my kids for letting me spend the week-end with them! It was my delight to "baby-sit" a little for a date night Saturday night.  I also loved getting to go to church with them.  I got to be in the young couples class but didn't feel so bad because Laurie's parents were there visiting too!

Hollis reminding me I'm tired and ready to call it a night!



Sara said...

What a busy and fun weekend!

Leslie said...

It was so very nice to meet you! What a blessing you are to your family!! It was a delight hearing your heart for Caroline and your answered prayer from your prayer journal! That was such a great reminder to write my specific requests down so I can look back and see how He answers! Blessings to you! Leslie

Tara G. said...

Your husband (and you and your supportive church body) and investing so wisely! We Christian Americans have been given so much in a variety of ways, and we really are responsible to be good stewards- I wish more would look at it that way.

Your weekend sounds like so much fun! We're looking forward to some grandparent time before we drive down to Arkansas in July.

Karen said...

What a servant's heart your husband has for these young pastors. I will remember to pray for him in the days ahead. And yes, it does sound like a fun-filled weekend. The decorations that I could see from the shower were too cute!

Seriously Though said...

This was so sweet. How cool you met blogging people. The art museum looks wonderful. I sat on an orphanage board 10 years ago and one of the Indian pastors was murdered by muslim extremists because of his evangelistic work.He was incredibly poor but worked hard to bring the gospel and serve orphans. It was devestating. Yes, Christians need prayer in many countries.

Chelsa said...

Glad you had a great weekend! And PTL for your husband and his heart to train up pastors in other countries.

Immeasurably More Mama said...

Your husband's heart for pastors in other countries is refreshing. You are so right about how much we take for granted here in the States. Caroline's shower looks like it was SO MUCH fun! She is overflowing with joy. :)

goatpod2 said...

Enjoyed the pictures! My sister and brother-in-law went to Nicaragua part of their Missions project as they prepared to med. school. My brother-in-law will be starting his residency soon in July and in Family Practice and my sister is planning on going to school to become a Nutritionist.



Emily said...

Precious pictures. What a great weekend!

Nancy said...

I think Caroline & Kelly look like sisters!
I know you had the best time with your grandgirls!
Hope you have a relaxing week!

Kelley said...

What a wonderful weekend! I want to take my family to that museum this summer. They would love it! I loved seeing your pictures! The grands are so precious and beautiful. They are growing up fast! Keep us posted on your Hubby's trip. Praying it is a great one!

Allison said...

Precious! That's awesome the work your husband does with the ministers overseas. What a blessing!

goatpod2 said...

My sister-in-law and her 2 children (almost 7 years old-will be 7 on May 11th and her son is 3 years old) and will be traveling to India on May 17th-July 24th and then bringing my sister-in-law's back with her for a couple months. My sister-in-law has come a long way in her faith, she attends church with my brother and their children faithfully!