Friday, October 5, 2012

A Skeleton In the Closet and A Picnic in the Park

Just playing a little catch-up of things going on in my life the past few weeks.
I am still staying pretty close to home mainly because I can't drive.

I think Hubs was pleasantly pleased when we got our monthly gasoline bill and it was more than 2/3 less than usual!  Does that mean I am out on the streets more than I thought?  I guess so!

We got a new car this spring, a Toyota Prius and we have been getting well over 45 miles a gallon.  That has been a great savings.  I drive a 2002 VW and I get good gas mileage too but I guess since I can't drive.....that's a real savings!!

That should change in several more weeks!  I went back to the doctor on Thursday.  He said my foot looked good! He  took the bandages off again but this time I didn't get any new ones.  Boy, does that make you feel very vulnerable! Almost naked!  I felt safe with that big bandage!

It's not Halloween yet but here's a skeleton in my closet to show you!!

I have a "staple" at the top of my big toe and a plate in my lower part of my big toe.  The place where they put the plate in is REALLY sore and my big toe is totally numb.

BUT, I am much better and need only to wear my BIG BLACK BOOT 2-3 more weeks. (So says my doctor)  Right now I feel like I will wear it the rest of my natural life.  It makes me feel safe because my foot is so sore and tender, I dare not touch the floor with it.  I am walking and getting around pretty well by walking on my heel.

On a brighter note, look what I got in the mail this week:

Sweet Donna in Macon, Georgia is a fabulous knitter!  She sent me this beautiful pair of colorful socks for my lame foot and it's sister foot that at this point is normal!  

I told her that her timing was perfect because we had a cold front come in today and it has been rainy and cold all day today.  By Sunday we are in for our first frost with temps dipping to the 30's at night!  Those socks are so welcomed. Thank you again, Donna, for your handiwork and your generosity for sending them to me!  We will meet some day, I promise!!

Yesterday before my doctor's appointment we took the time to go by and see our sweet girls since I hadn't seen them in over a month.  I think the hurt foot was kind of confusing to Harper.  I couldn't get in the floor with them as I normally do.  But they were all about Papa and I got some sweet pictures as they sat in his lap as he read to them and they had a great time!

Did I tell you I delight in these girls?  They make everything better in my life.
Even having a lame foot!

I went to the church today to decorate for fall now that it has come in like gang-busters.  We are having an early fall it seems.  The trees have turned in the past few days.

This is a little arrangement I made for the foyer table at church.

I love decorating our church.  I try to do my best creative work to glorify the Lord and show Him how much I love Him.  He is so good to me!

We had our annual church picnic a week ago in the park by the river.  It is one of the most beautiful state parks in Arkansas.  It was a perfect afternoon and evening for the picnic.  We had a great turn-out.  I love my church family. I took the time to go around and make nearly (missed several who were running around) everyone's picture there.  I can't show everyone but just wanted to show a sample of the good people who make up our church family!

We are so blessed!

This is just a few of the wonderful church family that we enjoyed having a lovely evening with at the picnic.

There is one person I wanted to express my admiration and thanks to.

Next week, our church's secretary, Jacquie Wallace, will have served our church for EIGHTEEN years!!  In all that time I have never known Jacquie to not be the most dependable, faithful, smart and sweetest lady I know.  She does her work not only to the best of her ability for the benefit of our church but her love for the Lord and His church is always first.

She and her husband David are just good people!  The world needs a few more people like Jacquie and David.  Thank you Jacquie! How about 18 more??


Terri Lynn Grothe said...

beautifully written Judy.

Hope your foot heals completely and quickly.

I blog over here and feel free to stop by

Cyndi J said...

We bought a Toyota Prius in July and appreciate the reduced gas bill as well.
God speed with that foot.

Jacquie said...

Awwwww! Thank you, Judy!! Eighteen years has gone by SO fast.
Your X-ray is pretty cool! Glad you're foot is healing well.
As usual, you took some great pics. I need to take photography lessons from you (as soon as I get a better camera than the one on my iPhone).

Linda said...

Hi Judy...I have had computer problems and haven't been reading many blogs. I don't know what happened to your foot. (I will read some back posts to see.) Anyway...I hope you will heal beautifully and be back to normal before ya know it. It sounds like you are getting around...if you are decorating! (I love to decorate) (:>)

Glad you got to see your girls. They are so adorable.

So, the trees are turning! We are going to Branson soon...and I do hope they will still be pretty there when we arrive.

You take care..and may God's continued blessings rain down upon you girlfriend!

Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Johanne said...

It's great to see your foot is healing well. wow that is sure a long recovery time. Hope it keeps on track. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful church family, the world sure does need more wonderful people like them. Love the pictures of Papa with his little girls, so sweet. Warms my heart. He reminds me of my Dad, who passsed away 5 years ago. I was so blessed to have the time with him and my 2 older boys. Wish he was here for my youngest. I knwo he is in a good place watching down on us all. There is a part of me that is selfish, I just want him back here for us :) Anyhow, seeing those wonderful pictures of Papa and his girl is just so sweet. Thank you for sharing.<3

Vickie said...

I follow Kelly's blog daily and so I often swing over to your blog. I always look diligently when you mention your church family and pictures - and what a pleasant surprise today to have the first picture include one of our friends!! Arnold!! We miss them so much and it's been far too long since we have seen them! We keep saying we will come visit but it just doesn't work out!

Hope your foot is healing well. I too had foot surgery, but a lot less major!! I am in a boot for about 1 more month.

Send my hellos to our friends for me - and I will keep watch for more pictures!

Kelley said...

So glad your foot is healing well! Seeing your x-ray lets me know how painful that was. I loved seeing your pictures. Your grand babies are beautiful. Congrats to Jacquie for 18 years. She is a beautiful person. I haven't met her, but she was great to listen to me on facebook when I was losing my Dad. It was such a hard thing and she checked on me all the time. I would love to meet her just to say, "Thank You."

The Garners said...

So good to see you this morning. I'm glad your foot is improving! I was REALLY worried my kids would step on your toe while we were visiting!!! The fall decorations looked beautiful--it's always such a blessing to get to go to church at home. Love y'all!

18 years--wow! That's really neat.

Tara G. said...

I didn't realize you added another bundle of pink to the family! Congratulations!! Hope your foot continues to heal well!

Donna said...

I'm so glad your foot is doing better. That is an ordeal to go through. Hopefully the slippers will help you keep your toes warm this fall. Sometimes feet get cold when the rest of you isn't. i'm so glad the weather is changing! I love fall. The fall arrangement you did for the church is beautiful. You are very talented. I know seeing your Grands was the best medicine in the world. Those girls are adorable!

Donna said...

I'm so glad your foot is doing better. That is an ordeal to go through. Hopefully the slippers will help you keep your toes warm this fall. Sometimes feet get cold when the rest of you isn't. i'm so glad the weather is changing! I love fall. The fall arrangement you did for the church is beautiful. You are very talented. I know seeing your Grands was the best medicine in the world. Those girls are adorable!

Margaret Stabler said...

elLoved the arrangement. I think I can do that for my foyer since I'm not the one to do the church any more. Hope your foot heals completely. I understand about the boot had one when I broke my foot and was nervous about giving it up. Keep your toes warm and enjoy the girls. They are precious and we always enjoy seeing pictures of them.

Nirupama said...

Judy-Hope your healing process continues to go well! Your white pumpkin arrangement looks beautiful. I added one to our mix here at home. Thank you very much for the sweet comment on my blog today, it meant alot. You have a wonderful family and two very adorable grand daughters.

Ellen said...

Hello, I am a Pastor's wife from Charleston, SC who has followed your blog for sometimes now.
I've missed reading your past and just want you to know that I am praying for you.

Jenn said...

So glad you're healing well! Hopefully it will feel better each day.

Happy 18th Workiversary (ha!) to Jacquie!!! I miss her blogging! :(

MJ Shellabarger said...

Ouch! Glad your foot is healing.